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Best Entrees in Waikiki, HI

The gorgeous city of Honolulu has a diverse food scene with unique flavors from across the Seven Seas. Our slice of paradise is best known for our classic Hawaiian fare and inventive Japanese cuisine. The culinary team at Prince Waikiki genuinely understands that our guests arrive with hopes of tasting the best local cuisine Hawaii has to offer.

Best Entrees in Waikiki, HI2018-12-06T09:48:10-10:00

Museums in Honolulu: A Self-Guided WWII History Tour

We’re approaching the 77th anniversary of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, which immediately sparked the United States’ involvement in World War II (WWII). Some moments instantly change the course of history, and the attack on Pearl Harbor is one of them. Thousands of people visit Pearl Harbor each year to pay tribute, absorb history, and witness the remains of that fateful day.

Museums in Honolulu: A Self-Guided WWII History Tour2018-11-29T05:00:03-10:00

Plan a Visit to SALT At Our Kaka’ako

The vibrant Honolulu neighborhood of Kaka’ako has become a must-visit destination thanks to its growing art scene, creative restaurants, and lively nightlife. By merely taking a stroll down Ala Moana Boulevard, you’ll notice the street art murals and an array of dining options around every corner immediately. This trend-setting neighborhood prides itself on being unique and artistic.

Plan a Visit to SALT At Our Kaka’ako2019-03-11T10:38:45-10:00

Unparalleled Nightlife in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii, has a diverse nightlife thanks to its many unique neighborhoods. Many tourists spend so much time planning a daily itinerary they sometimes forget about our city’s lively nightlife. Honolulu nightlife is a mixed bag – there’s something for everyone. You’ll always be a short cab ride from the area’s best pedal pubs, jazz clubs, and late-night DJs when you stay at luxurious Prince Waikiki.

Unparalleled Nightlife in Honolulu2018-11-29T04:38:49-10:00

Holiday Getaways at Prince Waikiki

Perhaps this is the winter you spoil your entire family or significant other with a holiday getaway to beautiful Oahu. Waikiki, Hawaii, is the perfect escape for those hoping to avoid yet another exhausting Thanksgiving dinner, frigid Christmas, or hectic New Year’s Eve party. Prince Waikiki gladly welcomes families, couples, and groups from all across the globe to celebrate the upcoming holiday season in a lavish suite overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean.

Holiday Getaways at Prince Waikiki2018-12-29T09:25:55-10:00

Waikiki Beach Surfing Lessons

Most people understand they’ll never ride the barrel of a massive wave and smack the lip, but learning to surf remains atop many people’s bucket lists. Waikiki Beach surfing lessons are perfect for beginners because our waves are usually relatively tame and the surrounding beauty is inspiring. Many tourists take surf lessons in Hawaii knowing fully well they’ll never try it again, but correctly standing atop a surfboard on a speedy wave is a genuine thrill.

Waikiki Beach Surfing Lessons2018-11-15T05:42:40-10:00

Nocturnal SUP Adventures in Waikiki

The beautiful, energetic city of Honolulu comes to life every evening as the vibrant Pacific sun sets far in the western horizon. As the sun gradually disappears, many tourists assemble inside fine restaurants, craft breweries, and upbeat nightclubs. But a select few individuals paddle out into the clear teal ocean at Kahanamoku Beach just before dawn on a state-of-the-art SUP (standup paddleboard).

Nocturnal SUP Adventures in Waikiki2018-11-15T05:31:46-10:00

Pow! Wow! Street Art Murals in Kaka’ako

Many tourists from the lower 48 states are pleasantly surprised to discover the vibrant, imaginative art scene here in Honolulu, especially in the rising neighborhood of Kaka’ako. Prince Waikiki is one of the only luxury hotels in Waikiki within one mile of this creative community. Not only is Kaka’ako plump with innovative cuisine, top-tier breweries, and a dynamic music scene, but this neighborhood is home to the annual Pow! Wow! Hawaii street art festival.

Pow! Wow! Street Art Murals in Kaka’ako2018-09-21T05:34:32-10:00

In-Room Dining at Luxurious Prince Waikiki

Whether you’re on a life-changing honeymoon, family getaway, or business retreat, you’re periodically going to want a bottle of champagne, breakfast in bed, or dinner in your peaceful ocean-view suite. Prince Waikiki rests on the banks of the stunning Ala Wai Boat Harbor in Honolulu’s most popular neighborhood. Waikiki is home to premier Honolulu hotels, pristine beaches, and some of the finest restaurants in Hawaii.

In-Room Dining at Luxurious Prince Waikiki2018-09-21T05:27:13-10:00

The Best Waterfalls in Oahu

Tourists from across the globe visit the island of Oahu to explore 600 square miles of awe-inspiring natural beauty. Many of those outdoor enthusiasts explore a number of our prized waterfalls, scattered throughout the vast Hawaiian wilderness. Prince Waikiki may rest on a stunning sunset harbor on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, but it’s also minutes away from the most beautiful waterfalls in Oahu.

The Best Waterfalls in Oahu2018-09-21T05:17:59-10:00