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PLANNING YOUR SPRING WEDDING WITH PRINCE WAIKIKI April brings spring and that means springtime weddings are just around the corner! Whether you’ve already booked a Wedding with Prince Waikiki or you’re researching stunning Honolulu Hotels for your ceremony and reception, we have everything to ensure your big day is just as you dreamed it would be. Here are three things you’ll want to know when planning the ultimate spring wedding in Waikiki. Weddings at Prince We have a renowned reputation for our spectacular weddings here at Prince. By working closely with our on-site planners, we meticulously take care of every detail so your special day remains perfectly stress-free. We understand working with our team from a distance might seem challenging, but we’re here to help you along the way. From location to decor, and everything else in between, we go the extra mile to create one of the most beautiful weddings at one of the best Honolulu hotels, Prince Waikiki. Think of your Guests Whether it’s a small wedding or you’re planning an extravagant affair, you’ll want to prepare for your spring wedding. Quick elopements and scheduled parties are great, but planning ahead provides you with enough time to send out beautiful Hawaiian-themed, “Save The Date” cards to your guests. Creating "save the dates" alerts them that long-distance festivities are in the works and it gives guests ample time to save up. Plus, we recommend you monitor airfares for those planning to make the trip for your big [...]


5 TIPS FOR THE BEST SPRING BREAK GETAWAY Spring is here and getting away for a fantastic vacation offers a nice break between the holiday season and the busy summer season. Spring in Hawaii can be so much more than just a simple getaway. Here are five tips for making the most out of your trip to one of the best Hawaii resorts, Prince Waikiki. Spring Season Makes for a Perfect Getaway Spring in Hawaii tends to be on the slower side since summer and winter are the busy seasons. When you do book a spring getaway, make sure you’ve checked out some of the leading Hawaii resorts as your options. Here at Prince Waikiki, we have a spectacular property with fantastic on-site amenities that you might not find anywhere else in our area. With gorgeous ocean views in every guest room, our property provides a serene ambiance to enjoy spring when you book a retreat before May. Don’t Try to See Everything Hawaii is full of astounding activities you’ll want to experience! We know it can be hard to see everything on the island - there is so much to see and do in Waikiki alone. If you pack your vacation with back-to-back experiences, you’ll be too busy to relax and savor peaceful time for yourself. We suggest planning a few, select activities to explore the island outside of Prince Waikiki but do make time to lounge on the beach, relax poolside, or just get some added [...]


SPICE UP YOUR VACATION WITH A TRIP TO HONOLULU The day of love has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spice up the romance year-round. This year, we suggest you bring your loved one on the best trip of them all to Honolulu. You’ll find that the best hotels in Honolulu, such as Prince Waikiki, will bring the heat with a few days of relaxation and we encourage you to try something spicy when you’re here! Fire on Ice It’s hard to think that there would be ice in Honolulu, but at one of the best hotels in Honolulu, you can taste both the fire and ice with a Hinana Bar tasty cocktail, Fire on Ice. When you dine with your loved one this year, we recommend trying this spicy drink to heat up the night as you watch the stunning sunset behind the horizon with cool icy blues and soft pinks. This delicious drink is made with tequila and some unique ingredients to give it a nice kick. If you’re looking for something that isn’t quite spicy, try our Harbor Hito mocktail which is just like a mojito without the added kick of alcohol. Hot Bites There are plenty of places to get spicy food with your loved one and our 100 Sails Restaurant you can enjoy one of our favorite savory menu, the Korean Fried Cauliflower. This dish fries up some tasty cauliflower then douse them in our spicy soy glaze. They’re sure [...]


3 AMAZING RESTAURANTS TO DINE WHEN ON A FAMILY TRIP Hawaii is known for being a favorite family vacation spot because there is so much to do on the islands. When figuring out what to do in Waikiki with your group, finding the perfect dining spot that fit all sorts of people can be tricky. Here at Prince Waikiki, we lay out three great restaurants to try when on your family trip to Oahu! Our 100 Sails Our very own 100 Sails Restaurant is perfect for families! We’ve got lots of options to choose from whether you go through the buffets or you enjoy your meal al la carte style. Kids will enjoy the wide selection of sweet desserts after their delicious main meal. Parents will appreciate the fantastic ocean views, and you’re sure to have pleasant conversation throughout your time dining with us when figuring out what to do in Waikiki. We recommend looking at our menus and seeing what catches your eye to try! 100 Sails Menus: Sample Breakfast Buffet Menu, Sample Lunch Buffet Menu, Sample Dinner Buffet Menu, Hawaiian Buffet Lunch, Ala Carte Menu, Beverages & Savory Menu, Sample Sunday Brunch Buffet Menu A Local Favorite If you’re looking for some local comfort food, you and your family have to try the Highway Inn! Famous for their Loco Moco, a delicious breakfast treat that melds Western brunch and Asian lunch styles together into one yummy meal. Both kids and parents will love trying local food at [...]


WHERE TO CATCH THE BEST SUNSETS FOR TWO When you reserve a room or suite at one of the best Honolulu hotels, Prince Waikiki, you’ll be in for fantastic ocean and marina views. Meaning, that, every morning you can wake to the sunrise or sunsets that engulf the island in beautiful hues. Here are a few of our favorite places to watch the best evenings with your loved one this year. The Spectacular Panorama on Site We have to say one of our favorite spots to watch the sunset is over dinner at our fabulous 100 Sails Restaurant, Hinana Bar, or Muliwai Deck. Our indoor restaurant serves delicious meals and assortments while the Hinana Bar has light pizzas, burgers, and snacks, including tasty cocktails. If you want to be the master of your grill, our Muliwai Deck offers BBQ grills for purchase along with prepared selection. Take a look at the 100 Sails Restaurant menu, Hinana Bar menu, or Muliwai Deck BBQ grill menu. Then join us every Friday for SunSets live music right on our Muliwai Deck for guests and visitors to enjoy while watching the beautiful sunset. Don’t forget that one of the best ways to enjoy the sunset on our property, is by enjoying a romantic sunset dinner for two in one of our poolside oceanfront cabanas! The Beach and Palms There is nothing better than grabbing your beach blanket, sunhat, and heading to the local sandy shores around sunset time. You’ll be able to [...]


TOP 3 FAVORITE LOUNGES IN WAIKIKI What to do in Waikiki at Night? Upon arriving at the Prince Waikiki, you might find the comforts of your room and suite satisfying, but you also know that adventure is awaiting! Amidst the throngs of tourists and visitors, you’ll find yourself in one of the best locations for a delicious brew. Whether it’s water or an adult beverage, there are spots you’ll want to stop at and experience when you’re here figuring out what to do in Waikiki. Honolulu is known for some of the best drinks and lounges to relax after a day at the beach. When you’re looking for something to do during the evening and night, we recommend these three fantastic bars and lounges for you to try. Sail Away Need a place to go, but don’t want to leave Prince Waikiki, look no further than our very own 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar. Our beautiful restaurant, located on our 3rd floor, is where you’ll experience stunning ocean views and peaceful sunsets all while sipping on refreshments. It’s genuinely a pleasant gathering place at Price Waikiki and the perfect way to end your day after walking around Honolulu. Don’t forget to cozy up to the bar and taste our delicious range of unique cocktails infused with local flavors you'll want to try. A Fire of Rum One of the more popular locations for an after-dinner drink is RumFire Waikiki. Located within the Sheraton Waikiki, you’ll find this fantastic [...]


WHAT TO BRING TO YOUR BEACH GETAWAY Are you gearing up for the best Hawaiian beach vacation? So are we! And we’re here to help you, not only plan a day under the sun but to ensure you don’t forget any items you might need. Here in Waikiki HI, our Prince Waikiki resort is the perfect place to kick back your tired feet, relax, and call home during your getaway. Check out these items to bring with you to your fantastic beach retreat. Beachwear We know packing for your Hawaiian vacation might be difficult - how many swimsuits are you supposed to bring? We’re here to help! For beachwear, it’s essential you have these items that can easily transition from play time on the sand to walking around Waikiki HI and even lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Typically white or light-colored clothing works best for higher temp regions such as Hawaii. Fabrics featuring linen and cotton will also help keep you cool. As for swimwear, you can never have enough and the best part about coming to an island is that practically everywhere you turn you’ll find a surf shop! With lots of accessories to bring like hats, sunglasses, and sandals, you’ll want some versatile clothing in your bag. Whether you mix and match your swimwear or bring all your suits, your suitcase will be full of incredible options. Protect your Skin When bringing items for your beach getaway, don’t forget to help protect your skin! When [...]


2 CUTE DATES TO ENJOY THIS VALENTINES DAY Valentine’s Day is only a few short weeks away, and while the stores are stocking letters, chocolates, and anything red, white, pink, and purple, you’re going to want to surprise your sweetheart with something more. A trip to Prince Waikiki will be a grand gift this season of love. While you’re here you might be wondering what to do at our hotels in Waikiki Hawaii; below you’ll find two fantastic date night ideas to keep you relaxing, reconnecting, and embracing the warm sunshine. Romance at Prince If you’re looking for something to amp up the excitement for your date, make sure you’ve selected a Prince Club Room. As one of our Club guests, you’ll get exclusive access to our outdoor terrace and evening hors-d'oeuvres while you sip on a lovely cocktail or two before you enjoy a fabulous meal at our 100 Sails Restaurant. Reserve a table by the windows and watch the stunning nightly sunsets while dining on delectable dishes. Kiss Me Underwater A beach day is always a must for a Hawaiian vacation itinerary, and a vacation with your love is no exception. Head across the island to the pristine waters of Yokohama Bay. This Bay has one of the most beautiful reef systems on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Whether you gear up for diving or you wear snorkeling goggles and fins, you’re sure to find something neat and unusual beneath the surface of the water. Make [...]


ESCAPE THE COLD THIS WINTER AND FLY TO HAWAII While much of the continental US seems to be in a cold streak, it’s still sunny and warm here in Hawaii. As winter engulfs many northern states, you’re going to want to warm up at one of the best Hawaii resorts, Prince Waikiki. When you escape the cold and dreary winters to fly to tropical Hawaii, you’ll be in for a relaxing getaway! Why Hawaii in the Winter? There are two different seasons that the islands of Hawaii are accustomed too, summer and winter. Summer spans the months from May to October, while winter weather occurs from November to April. Winter weather to many of the 48 states means snow and temps below freezing, but to Hawaii, winter brings only a slight drop in temps. Winter temperatures average in the high 70 to low 80 degrees. So, as you can imagine, our winter weather is attractive to those who are dealing with much colder winters! Surfs Up Oahu’s North Shore is an idyllic coastal spot renowned for its winter surfing. These crystal turquoise waters produce some of the best wave action during the winter months. Waves that crest upon the shoreline can reach up to 20 ft at times, if not more. You’ll be able to catch some of the world's most experienced and professional surfers riding the waves when you spend a day at the beach. However you enjoy your winter season, book a trip to Hawaii and [...]


THE HOLIDAYS AT PRINCE WAIKIKI The holidays are just around the corner, and over the next few weeks, you’re sure to feel festive and cheerful, especially when you book a vacation getaway with Prince Waikiki! As one of the best resorts in Hawaii, Prince Waikiki, is here to help you enjoy the end of 2017 and allow you to ring in the New Year in paradise! Celebrate with us, and we’re sure your time here will be worth it all. Holiday Cheer Whether you choose to be here for the holiday season or you just happen to have booked your amazing Hawaii getaway during this time, we have something for everyone to celebrate the holiday festivities! This year, we implore you to join us for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Brunch and Dinner Buffets. Both of these meals will have opulent options full of delectable foods that everyone will love. Take a look at our Christmas Brunch Buffet Menu and our Christmas Dinner Buffet Menu; we’re sure you’ll be salivating once reading just how delicious our options for these meals and dishes will be! Need to get out and explore during this season? Take a look at this wonderful Christmas event and dinner guide to Waikiki! A New Year Get ready to grab the champagne and toast the night away! If you’re here when the ball drops and 2018 begins, you’ll enjoy watching the Waikiki Beach Fireworks Show right from your hotel room! With guaranteed ocean views [...]

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