Prince Waikiki's Mindful Travel Graphic.

Prince Waikiki Partners with Local Authorities and Nonprofits to Promote ‘Mindful Travel’

In an effort to attract conscientious travelers to Hawaii’s island of Oahu, top-rated Prince Waikiki is partnering with three local and state organizations to promote “mindful travel.” Mindful travel, amid today’s current environment, involves the protection and preservation of Hawaii’s future through a variety of practices, including volunteerism, staying informed, supporting local businesses, unplugging from technology, and respecting the island’s cultural customs.

The Malama Hawaii Package

Photo of an Oahu Coastal Landscape. Mindful Travel Starts at Prince Waikiki.In mid-November, Prince Waikiki officially joined forces with the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau, and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to create a brand new mindful travel initiative, titled Malama Hawaii—“a trip that gives back.” By incentivizing mindful travel, visitors can support many of the island’s most important nonprofit organizations, sustainable movements, and hard-hit communities. This is a unique opportunity for travelers to give back to the local community in the form of volunteerism. In return, every fourth night is free here at Prince Waikiki. And there’s no rush, as the Malama Hawaii Package runs through mid-December. Other perks include a waived resort charge, free self-parking, a commemorative gift, and discounts on in-room dining, spa services, rounds of golf, and customized Japanese jewelry at Abiste.

Mindful Travel and Sustainability Opportunities

Prince Waikiki is one of 18 hotels and resorts in Oahu to partner with the aforementioned organizations. Each hotel was given the opportunity to select a “voluntourism” opportunity. The Prince team has officially partnered with the passionate volunteers at Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a local, grassroots nonprofit organization inspiring communities to care for their coastlines through hands-on beach cleanups. The Malama Hawaii Package includes admission to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s DIY Cleanup Program, an ideal way to remain socially distanced while helping maintain the island’s ocean, harbors, and coastline.

Both Prince Waikiki and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii urge participants to also rethink the way they travel. Mindful travel doesn’t only have to revolve around volunteerism. It also includes savoring the moment, appreciating the landscape via a wide variety of outdoor pursuits, donating to local nonprofits, and staying informed on the island’s largest social, economic, and ecological challenges.

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