Where to Get the Best Ramen in Honolulu

A photo of ramen from a restaurant in Honolulu.Throughout the years, Hawaiian culture has been impacted by Eastern and Western influences. A great way to experience a small piece of these cultures is by trying different types of cuisine. From the dining options at Prince Waikiki to area restaurants, there is no shortage of restaurants that offer a tasty way to try different dishes. Try a popular Asian dish by visiting one of the best ramen spots in Honolulu.

The 5 Best Ramen Restaurants

At its core, ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish that brings together flavored broth, a type of noodle, and a selection of vegetables and/or meats. There are several places throughout the island to try this dish has become popular over the world, but here are five of the best spots.

Ramen Nakamura

Ramen Nakamura is a little shop near the beach walk, located off Kalakaua Avenue, popular among locals and visitors alike. With a variety of ramen options, diners will have a tough time deciding which one to try.

Taiyo Ramen

Found in Ala Moana Plaza, Taiyo Ramen is an excellent option for shopping and finding themselves hungry. The knowledgeable staff can help recommend something to diners unsure of what to get.

Wagaya Ramen

Enjoy a comforting bowl of ramen at Wagaya, which opened its doors hoping to be a simple place for people to gather and enjoy their time together. The menu is filled with ramen creations that use organic and locally sourced ingredients. 

Goma Tei Ramen

Goma Tei Ramen imports a significant portion of its ingredients from Japan while also using locally sourced produce. Browse the menu and discover a variety of ramen dishes that are sure to please any palate. 

Junpuu Bistro

Create a customized ramen dish at Junpuu Bistro. This restaurant has ramen staples that diners can enhance with additional toppings and other additions, like seaweed and blackened garlic oil. 

Dine at World-Class Restaurants at Prince Waikiki

A photo of a couple in their Honolulu hotel room after dining at a ramen restaurant. Guests who stay at Prince Waikiki will not only be near some of the best ramen restaurants in Honolulu, but they will also have access to the fantastic dining options found at the contemporary hotel. Try sushi at Katsumidori Sushi Toyko, which brings together Hawaiian ingredients and Japanese flavors. Enjoy fresh island cuisine at 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar. For total relaxation at the end of an adventure-filled day, travelers can have room service delivered to their room or suite

With its range of amenities, Prince Waikiki has everything visitors need to enjoy the most out of their stay. Be sure to check out current special offers and promotions for the best possible deal. Learn more about these offers or the hotel by calling 855-622-7558 or emailing [email protected]