Shark Diving in Oahu: North Shore Shark Adventures

Swimming with sharks may not be on a “typical” Hawaii bucket list (it’s on ours). However, Oahu’s shark diving tourism industry continues to flourish, thanks in large part to North Shore Shark Adventures, the pride of Haleiwa Town. Around the turn of the century, shark diving began to gain steam as a quintessential tourist attraction in Australia. That initial surge eventually made its way to Oahu, Hawaii’s most populated isle.

Shark Diving in Oahu: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Photo of Group Shark Diving on Oahu's North Shore.Unlike other thrill-seeking opportunities, such as North Shore skydiving, Pacific Ocean parasailing, and deep-forest ziplining, shark diving in Oahu includes an up-close-and-personal interaction with countless underwater critters. Oahu’s North Shore is known for its thriving shark population, which patrols the Pacific Ocean several miles out to sea. It’s important to note that most sharks are perfectly harmless, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Thus, all underwater shark diving voyages operate inside an aluminum cage, many of which can “hold” up to eight individuals at once, keeping families and small groups together.

The North Shore is home to four shark species’: Galapagos, sandbar, tiger, and hammerhead. Unsurprisingly, the visual differences between these four species are quite obvious. Typically, tours will spot Galapagos and sandbar sharks. Although, there’s nothing more exhilarating than observing a menacing (yet harmless) hammerhead.

North Shore Shark Adventures

The talented, charismatic team at North Shore Shark Adventures knows everything about sharks, diving, and fish. Shark sightings are 100 percent guaranteed by Joe Pavsek (a 30-plus-year Haleiwa resident) and his team. Sharks may be outnumbered by various other colorful critters, such as dolphins, green sea turtles, mahi-mahi, kawakawa, humpback whales (in the wintertime), and diverse, above-water bird populations.

The 90-minute trip starts at just $60 per person. Kamaʻāina and military discounts are available, as well as online booking savings and money-saving codes. Large-scale sightings are more likely before noon, so most voyages run between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. daily. Cross-island transportation is also available for those staying at Prince Waikiki, starting at $55 per passenger. Due to COVID-19, availability is extremely limited, so please book several weeks (or months) in advance.

The Top-Rated Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii

Photo of a Couple Chatting near Prince Waikiki's Infinity Pool, Only 1-Hour Drive from Some of the Wildest Shark Diving in Oahu.Combine a shark diving tour with a full day of exploration on Oahu’s dreamy North Shore. A few months ago, the Prince Waikiki team released a 10-stop North Shore tour guide, highlighting Sharks Cove, Skydive Hawaii, Laniakea Beach, and many other points of interest. There’s simply no better place to start and finish each day in tropical paradise than Prince Waikiki, the top-rated hotel in Honolulu. On-site luxuries include an opulent infinity pool, two on-site restaurants, guaranteed ocean views, and an open-air Club Lounge. Please read the Prince Promise, an extensive guide to the hotel’s many safety measures. The hotel is also featuring a wide array of new packages and specials, all of which provide savings toward a future stay.

To book a long-awaited escape to sunny Waikiki, please check availability online (or call directly at 855-622-7558).