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3 Amazing Restaurants to Dine When on a Family Trip

Hawaii is known for being a favorite family vacation spot because there is so much to do on the islands. When figuring out what to do in Waikiki with your group, finding the perfect dining spot that fit all sorts of people can be tricky. Here at Prince Waikiki, we lay out three great restaurants to try when on your family trip to Oahu!

Our 100 Sails

Our very own 100 Sails Restaurant is perfect for families! We’ve got lots of options to choose from whether you go through the buffets or you enjoy your meal al la carte style. Kids will enjoy the wide selection of sweet desserts after their delicious main meal. Parents will appreciate the fantastic ocean views, and you’re sure to have pleasant conversation throughout your time dining with us when figuring out what to do in Waikiki. We recommend looking at our menus and seeing what catches your eye to try!

100 Sails Menus: Sample Breakfast Buffet Menu, Sample Lunch Buffet Menu, Sample Dinner Buffet Menu, Hawaiian Buffet Lunch, Ala Carte Menu, Beverages & Savory Menu, Sample Sunday Brunch Buffet Menu

A Local Favorite

If you’re looking for some local comfort food, you and your family have to try the Highway Inn! Famous for their Loco Moco, a delicious breakfast treat that melds Western brunch and Asian lunch styles together into one yummy meal. Both kids and parents will love trying local food at this hot spot because it’s a fan favorite with those who live on the island and visitors!

Near the Beach

When spending a day at the beach with your family, we know that when Happy Hour rolls around, you’re going to want to find something close, to fill those hungry bellies. Head to Piggy Smallswhich is a family-friendly restaurant that features Vietnamese cuisine has lots of food options. Don’t forget to try, Not your G-Ma’s Chocolate Cake, and the, Milk and Honey for an after dinner dessert. Not Your G-Ma’s Chocolate Cake uses angostura soaked rosemary buttermilk chocolate cake, layered with a bunch of delicious chocolate cream, and topped with mandarin oranges and pretzel tuile. Milk and Honey features a tasty soft sponge cake, which is soaked four kinds of milk, add in honeycomb candy and local bee pollen, which is topped with whipped Frangelico and gorgeous edible flowers. Sounds yummy, so you won’t want to forget this famous dessert when finding what to do in Waikiki with your family. Whether you’re here for a late lunch, dinner, or most importantly dessert, Piggy Smalls is sure to please every member of your family.

Deciding what to do in Waikiki can be difficult when there are so many choices to make, but one thing is for sure, you’re going to want to stop at all of these eateries to try some delicious food. They are sure to please even the littlest member of your group all the way to the oldest! From breakfast to lunch, and dinner to dessert, our Prince Waikiki we’ll help you find the best restaurants for your family when you vacation with us this season!

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