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  • Prince Waikiki Lobby

Curated Culture

Honolulu’s rich and ever-growing art scene starts right here at Prince Waikiki. Explore our lobby ​​— where each piece of artwork represents the history and story of our location. The incredible creations you’ll discover were inspired by natural elements that once thrived where Prince Waikiki now stands.

  • The Muliwai: an estuary where fresh and salt waters meet.
  • Naio flower: a blossom from the Naio plant that grew along the banks of the Pi‘inaio Stream and possesses natural healing elements.
  • Hinana fish: a juvenile fish that flourished in the Muliwai.
  • Limu ‘Ele‘ele: seaweed with healing elements.

Once you’ve explored our own Prince Waikiki artworks, enjoy an afternoon strolling through the Honolulu Museum of Art ​— with a permanent collection featuring more than 60,000 pieces ​​— where our guests receive complimentary admission for 2.

Sense of Place: A Guided Art Moment

Discover the spirit of Hawaii through our in-person tour at Prince Waikiki. Join our experienced guide on a journey through our ‘sense of place’ story, showcasing the most extensive collection of contemporary art created by Hawaii artists in Waikiki.

Hulali i ka la

Artists: Kaili Chun and Nicholas Bright
Medium: 850 individual copper pieces suspended from the ceiling
Date: December 2016
Location: Prince Waikiki lobby

Hulali i ka la, meaning “glistening in the sun,” was created by Kaili Chun and Nicholas Bright in collaboration with the hotel’s architect, G70, who led our April 2017 renovation. It was featured in the inaugural Honolulu Biennial in 2017 as “The People’s Project.” Not only did the artist hand hammer the copper, but each of the hotel’s ambassadors and guests participated in creating the “hinana.” Together, they swim in the shape of the Pi‘inaio Stream and point to its source.


Artists: John Koga, Lawrence Seward, Kaili Chun, and Nicholas Bright
Medium: Wood, copper, and stone
Date: April 2017
Location: Prince Waikiki lobby

Kaili Chun has explained, “The sculpture is intended to represent (in an abstract way), the essence of the Muliwai. It does not depict anything specific about the Muliwai but rather embodies the notion of how everything is interrelated and connected. It also reveals how sophisticated our ancestors were in regard to creating a sustainable living system that valued and respected nature.”

Naio, Limu ‘Ele‘ele, & Hinana

Artist: Solomon Enos
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Colors: Ultramarine blue, true blue, raw umber, titanium white, true ochre, and crimson
Date: 2017
Location: Prince Waikiki lobby, mezzanine, 3rd floor, and 5th floor

Solomon Enos produced all 20 pieces with collaboration from hotel designers and finished the collection in his Chinatown studio. The goal was to create a soft yet strong visual of the elements of Prince Waikiki’s storied place. He describes his process of studying the subject, deconstructing the subject, forgetting about the subject, and then putting it back together.

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