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5 Tips for the Best Spring Break Getaway

Spring is here and getting away for a fantastic vacation offers a nice break between the holiday season and the busy summer season. Spring in Hawaii can be so much more than just a simple getaway. Here are five tips for making the most out of your trip to one of the best Hawaii resorts, Prince Waikiki.

Spring Season Makes for a Perfect Getaway

Spring in Hawaii tends to be on the slower side since summer and winter are the busy seasons. When you do book a spring getaway, make sure you’ve checked out some of the leading Hawaii resorts as your options. Here at Prince Waikiki, we have a spectacular property with fantastic on-site amenities that you might not find anywhere else in our area. With gorgeous ocean views in every guest room, our property provides a serene ambiance to enjoy spring when you book a retreat before May.

Don’t Try to See Everything

Hawaii is full of astounding activities you’ll want to experience! We know it can be hard to see everything on the island – there is so much to see and do in Waikiki alone. If you pack your vacation with back-to-back experiences, you’ll be too busy to relax and savor peaceful time for yourself. We suggest planning a few, select activities to explore the island outside of Prince Waikiki but do make time to lounge on the beach, relax poolside, or just get some added sleep in the comfort of our accommodations at one of the top Hawaii resorts.

Splurge on an Adventure

As we mentioned, Hawaii is full of adventurous activities, and you’re going to want to ensure you spend the money on at least one significant group outing. Experience the island from a different point of view, whether it’s a helicopter tour from Novictor or zip lining through the treetops at Kualoa Ranch. Whatever that activity may be, treat yourself by splurging on experiences outside of your normal comfort zone while here in Waikiki.

Relax, You’re In Hawaii

Vacation means relaxation. The entire point of your getaway is to enjoy the time to yourself and to spend quality time with those you love. Visit our pool deck, lounge at our Hinana Bar, or purchase a cabana for a fun-filled day near our stunning infinity pool. If you need to get out on the green, our stunning golf course is perfect for you, but if you want to meditate our Tai Chi courses offer a fantastic way to greet the beautiful Hawaiian sunrise while learning how to relax.

Opt for a Resort

When you opt for a resort over a rental property, you have everything you need at your fingertips. Resorts offer an abundance of experiences with many on-site amenities and fantastic spots to spend your time. You’ll be able to sign up for lessons, try out the incredible infinity pool, or play a round or two of golf. Resorts bring more to the table than rentals, which is why when you’re searching for one of the leading Hawaii resorts, Prince Waikiki should come to mind.

However you choose to spend your spring break, we know you’ll love every minute of your time at one of the best Hawaii resorts, Prince Waikiki. From our serene ambiance, gorgeous ocean views, and elegantly designed rooms to our on-site activities and top amenities, our resort will meet all of your relaxation needs the moment you walk through our lobby doors. Let springtime be the best time to visit our island paradise, and you’ll see what makes this time of year unforgettable!

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