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An Experience Unlike Any Other: Skydiving in Oahu, Hawaii
March 27 ,2020

Thrillseekers from all across the globe visit Hawaii to backpack to hidden waterfalls, swim with spinner dolphins, scuba dive with sea turtles, and surf the Banzai Pipeline. However, very few experiences on this planet rival skydiving, especially when the freefall begins 12,000 feet above the most beautiful island in North America: Oahu, Hawaii. The sheer adrenaline rush one gains while leaning out of an aircraft in those brief moments before leaping into the seemingly endless sky is indescribable. Prince Waikiki, the top-rated hotel near Waikiki Beach, boasts a skilled concierge team that can swiftly arrange a skydiving day trip at a nearby tour-based company. Most skydiving in Oahu, Hawaii, is based on the picturesque North Shore.

Skydiving in Oahu, Hawaii: Two Essential Facilities

The majority of thrillseekers aiming to spend an afternoon skydiving in Oahu, Hawaii, typically utilize the services of either Pacific Skydiving or Skydive Hawaii. Both reputable companies offer jumps from exit altitudes of up to 14,000 feet that range from $175 to $299. Their teams will be there to make each and every visitor feel supported, safe, and informed throughout the process. Pacific Skydiving has a “pay after you jump” policy that’s quite enticing. The 14,000-foot “Ultimate Skydive” is the most popular option on the island because it includes approximately 60 seconds of freefall.

The Diving Process

Here’s a brief outline of what to expect on dive-day. It’s important to note that skydiving in Oahu, Hawaii, is incredibly popular, especially on clear days in summer and “autumn.” Remember to book a session several weeks (if not months) in advance to ensure a spot.

  1. The group will watch a safety video upon arrival.
  2. After boarding, the plane climbs to the correct elevation, typically between 8,000 and 15,000 feet.
  3. At the correct elevation, the strapped-in instructor tightens the harnesses to ensure that each duo is essentially glued together.
  4. Each tandem approaches the open door and eventually leans out of the opening.
  5. After a few seconds in the doorway (which feels like an eternity), the instructor will initiate the leap—gleeful screams typically ensue.
  6. The tandems freefall for approximately 60 seconds before the instructor (or diver) pulls the chute, which shoots the duo up three stories in a matter of seconds.
  7. After deployment, each tandem peacefully floats back to civilization. The views during these stretch of the dive are genuinely awe-inspiring and, quite honestly, beyond words.
  8. If it’s overcast, divers can literally “grab” clouds.
  9. The landings are always as smooth as can be.

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