Remain in Paradise: Bleisure Travel to Prince Waikiki

Photo of a woman working in Prince Waikiki's artistic lobby. It's bleisure travel at its finest.One of the fastest-growing trends in the hospitality industry is the meteoric rise of “bleisure travel,” loosely translated as “the combination of business and leisure”—typically an addition to the end of a business trip. As you might expect, bleisure travel is quite common on the astonishingly beautiful island of Oahu. Who wouldn’t want to extend a business-centered stay at Prince Waikiki, the top-rated bleisure hotel in Honolulu?

So, What Is a Bleisure Tourist?

First and foremost, bleisure travel requires at least two to three days of business-related meetings, a conference, or an on-site client visit. Then, once the business aspect of the trip concludes, the business person sheds the suit for swimwear. It’s no secret that Americans tend to push aside paid time off, accumulating to nearly 800 million unused vacation days. Bleisure travel, however, is the perfect compromise for those with too many obligations at home and in the workplace. After all, adding a couple of days to the tail end of a business trip is more manageable than taking a week-long vacation.

Prince Waikiki: The Premier Bleisure Hotel in Honolulu

Photo of a woman lounging during a bleisure travel vacation at Prince Waikiki.

Bleisure travel, in and of itself, often depends on the individual and the flexibility of his or her company. It’s impossible not to be wholeheartedly enticed by Prince Waikiki’s many business-like amenities, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, a row of PCs, printer services, a fitness room, and a sleek, quiet library. The hotel itself boasts several open-concept spaces that promote solitude amid a free flow of smiling tourists—something that, over the coming months, will remain a valuable perk. Solo travelers also gravitate toward Prince’s sumptuous infinity pool, where pristine poolside cabana rentals await. Most bleisure travelers also make good use of the always-enticing VIP Club Lounge, where members can enjoy chilled beverages, hors d’oeuvres, and unobstructed Pacific Ocean vistas.

Solo Activities: Perfect for Bleisure Travel

Photo of Hawaii Prince Golf Course, a magnet for bleisure travel vacationers.Perhaps the most alluring aspect of an extended stay at Prince Waikiki is its world-class concierge service. This worldly team directs dozens of customers every morning to the island’s finest hidden gems. Guests can also take full advantage of 20 percent off discounts at Hawaii Prince Golf Club and swift access to the largest open-air shopping mall in the country, the Ala Moana Center. That being said, there’s a whole world of Hawaiian splendor just a short drive (or walk) from this award-winning hotel, including deep-sea fishing, Waikiki Beach surfing, birding tours, Diamond Head luaus, North Shore skydiving, and several stops along the Kakaʻako bicycle route. Bleisure travel has never been this luxurious. Please reach out to Prince’s world-renowned staff today by dialing 1-855-622-7558.