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Escape the Cold this Winter and Fly to Hawaii

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While much of the continental US seems to be in a cold streak, it’s still sunny and warm here in Hawaii. As winter engulfs many northern states, you’re going to want to warm up at one of the best Hawaii resorts, Prince Waikiki. When you escape the cold and dreary winters to fly to tropical Hawaii, you’ll be in for a relaxing getaway!

Why Hawaii in the Winter?

There are two different seasons that the islands of Hawaii are accustomed too, summer and winter. Summer spans the months from May to October, while winter weather occurs from November to April. Winter weather to many of the 48 states means snow and temps below freezing, but to Hawaii, winter brings only a slight drop in temps. Winter temperatures average in the high 70 to low 80 degrees. So, as you can imagine, our winter weather is attractive to those who are dealing with much colder winters!

Surfs Up

Oahu’s North Shore is an idyllic coastal spot renowned for its winter surfing. These crystal turquoise waters produce some of the best wave action during the winter months. Waves that crest upon the shoreline can reach up to 20 ft at times, if not more. You’ll be able to catch some of the world’s most experienced and professional surfers riding the waves when you spend a day at the beach.

However you enjoy your winter season, book a trip to Hawaii and escape the bitter cold. When you reserve accommodations at one of the best Hawaii resorts, Prince Waikiki, you’ll bask in the warm sun and experience some fantastic waves at the beach. With plenty of possibilities for fun under the sun, your cold winter days will brighten upon stepping on our Hawaiian Islands.

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