Free Internet in Honolulu: 4 Sleek Spots to Work Remote

Photo of a Man Utilizing Prince's Free Internet in Honolulu.Remote work will likely remain commonplace amongst businesspeople over the coming months, perhaps years. Working outside of the traditional office environment has its pros and cons. Certainly, being unable to strategize face-to-face is a con for most. However, remote work provides a whole new world of possibilities, including the ability to travel without using PTO. Staycations (and “workcations”) will be the new norm for many. Thankfully, free internet in Honolulu is not hard to come by, particularly for those who choose legendary Prince Waikiki.

A Customary Luxury: Free Internet in Honolulu

Interisland travel, combined with the ability to work remotely, allows businesspeople to find inspiration in a new setting, while also indulging in small (or large) luxuries. Luckily for remote workers, a sleek destination like Prince Waikiki exists. This top-rated oceanfront hotel is a popular respite for travelers and executives alike. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with the speediest free internet in Honolulu, gracious island hospitality, and artful touches throughout.

These four sleek hot spots will assuredly provide an aesthetically pleasing and undeniably productive experience amid daily work responsibilities.

Prince Waikiki Club Lounge

Prince Waikiki’s exclusive Club Lounge is a signature Oahu experience—one that provides unobstructed views of the harbor’s many dazzling yachts. Guests can also enjoy a bevy of complimentary inclusions and ample workspace, combined with the friendly waitstaff, naturally fosters creativity and relaxation. The Club Lounge provides an idyllic combination of warm breezes, spectacular vistas, and first-rate service that goes well beyond the expected.

Kona Coffee Purveyors

A steaming, frothy latte goes hand in hand with three or four hours of analytical yet meditative labor. Kona Coffee, one of the most beloved Hawaiian bean farms, owns a sumptuous yet comfortable space in Waikiki’s International Marketplace. Businesspeople frequent this bustling, Kalakaua Avenue hot spot for the Wi-Fi, easy access to Waikiki Beach, and on-site shopping. Kona remains a favorite hangout for those in need of free internet in Honolulu.

SALT at Our Kaka‘ako

After snapping photos of Kaka‘ako’s vibrant, thought-provoking street art murals, stroll into SALT, a prize-winning cultural shopping center. The complex provides free internet in Honolulu’s fastest-growing neighborhood. Remote workers can slip into many establishments, including Taco‘ako, Moku Kitchen, and Morning Brew, and work for several hours. Wi-Fi access is readily available throughout the complex.

Ala Moana Center

Prince Waikiki offers free shuttle services to various locations in Honolulu, including Waikiki Beach, Hawaii Prince Golf Club, and the Ala Moana Center, the world’s largest outdoor shopping mall. Shop on designer clothing, enjoy a refreshing beverage, and order lunch while closing a deal on the laptop. Remote work in Hawaii sure is heavenly.

Shuttle services have been temporarily suspended until 2021. Thus, Prince’s 14-dock Biki station is the preferred method of transportation to and from Ala Moana.

The Best Hotels in Oahu: Prince Waikiki

Photo of Prince's Infinity Pool, Home to Some of the Fastest Free Internet in Honolulu.Prince Waikiki remains an idyllic after-work destination, primarily because of its culinary institutions, sparkling infinity pool, and ocean-view suites. After savoring a contemporary dish at 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar, sip on a signature cocktail, walk on the beach, and watch an enthralling sunset. Sticking to a pre- or post-shift routine is easy at Prince, as it features a fitness room, library, and multiple bars. To obtain a list of classic Honolulu attractions and activities, please browse through these Travel Tips.

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