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Explore the Annual Okinawan Festival

hawaii resortsHawaii’s largest ethnic festival returns in September to the Hawaii Convention Center, a half-mile from the stunning Prince Waikiki. Kama’aina and tourists alike have been attending the Annual Okinawan Festival since 1982 to learn more about Japanese culture, indulge in eccentric foods, and witness extraordinary live dance and musical performances. Unlike all other Hawaii resorts, Prince Waikiki is within walking distance of the festival and is offering weekend savings for guests planning on visiting the event.

Traditional Bon Dance

Every year on Saturday evening, the Okinawan Festival ceases all live entertainment and activities and hosts a collective Bon Dance so that every visitor can experience this sacred Japanese Buddhist custom. This annual observance was created as a way to honor the sacrifices made by their ancestors.

Exciting Live Entertainment

Nearly every visitor’s favorite moment of the Annual Okinawan Festival is the Opening Ceremony on Saturday morning and the breathtaking lion dance. Talented performers and acrobats take center stage for a unique display of artistry and culture as the festival opens with a giant bang. Each day, a massive ensemble of taiko instrumentalists enlivens the festival’s spirits. The thunderous pulse usually entices all festival-goers to gather. Watch martial artists of all ages showcase their distinct physical abilities on a grand stage.

Delicious Dishes

You’ll have the unique opportunity to taste centuries-old recipes at the Okinawan Festival. Start the morning with an andagi, a deep-fried doughnut. Share a champuru plate, considered Okinawa’s signature dish, with your significant other in the afternoon. Champuru has meat, deep-fried tofu, and vegetables served on rice and andamisu. Try authentic Japanese maki sushi and the barbeque chicken with hot rice and corn before heading back to your lavish accommodation.

Village Booths

Remember to visit as many booths as possible to support local Japanese companies and organizations. All kama’aina will want to take home an orchid, water lily, or succulent. Make sure to take time to visit the Hawaii Bonsai Association booth on the main level. Their stunningly tiny trees will be on display all weekend. Head up to the third floor to peruse Okinawan vegetables, fruits, clothing, arts, and crafts.

Hawaii Resorts

Kama’aina are highly encouraged to spend a weekend staycation at Prince Waikiki during the Annual Okinawan Festival. Enjoy world-class amenities, luxurious suites, and weekend discounts. Come to experience the grandeur of Japanese culture and stay for the stunning ocean vistas, enhanced amenities, and personalized services at Prince Waikiki.

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