10 Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation in Honolulu, HI

Photo of a Woman Hiker Looking at the Pacific Ocean in Oahu. Click Here for Ideas on How to Stay Fit on Vacation.Prince Waikiki’s idyllic location sets it apart from the competition, as it rests between the bustling Kakaʻako art scene and picturesque Waikiki Beach. Thus, repeat guests were not surprised to learn about the upscale hotel’s recent TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award. Even before COVID-19 temporarily halted the Hawaiian travel industry, Prince Waikiki took a proactive approach to ensure that guests were healthy, safe, and comfortable. The latest Prince Promise outlines the many ways the hotel provides excellent service and enacts enhanced cleaning procedures during these unique times.

Staying Fit in Oahu Has Never Been Easier

Photo of a Man Surfing in Waikiki. Click Here for Ideas on How to Stay Fit on Vacation.Today, in hopes of enhancing the already sublime on- and off-site experience here in sunny Waikiki, Prince’s concierge has pieced together 10 fun, health-conscious ways to stay fit on vacation. Staying fit while vacationing in Waikiki has never felt this natural, mainly due to the state’s stringent social distancing measures. Social distancing continues to force travelers out of their shells. Many have traded the gym for a bicycle, kayak, surfboard, or binoculars (for birding). The island of Oahu is so incredibly biodiverse and undeniably enthralling. Approximately 74 percent of the island is either conserved or agricultural land, so there’s ample square mileage to explore while shedding some calories and working on core muscles.

  1. Bicycle through the heart of Honolulu on a Biki rental (located on-site). Branch out to Kakaʻako’s art murals, the Iolani Palace, and the Honolulu Zoo.
  2. Hike to an ocean overlook, a cliff-top lighthouse, or a hidden waterfall. In Oahu, there’s a trail for every type of wanderer.
  3. Make room for at least 90 minutes of beach yoga every day. Three local companies provide beachfront yoga—a genuinely unforgettable experience, especially at dawn or dusk.
  4. Play 18 (or 27) holes of championship golf at Hawaii Prince Golf Club. Don’t forget to read Prince Waikiki’s Oahu golf guide before arrival.
  5. Kayak into the turquoise Pacific Ocean on a guided excursion. Paddling is a spectacular workout for lats, abs, and arms.
  6. Soothe the body and mind with an oceanfront massage. Restoration and harmony await.
  7. Try birding in the Koʻolau mountains—or embark on a photography tour. Both adventures require a great deal of hiking and forest bathing.
  8. Learn to surf at Waikiki Beach. Need a surfboard? Try one of these Honolulu-based surf shops.
  9. Splash into the Pacific on a self-guided snorkeling voyage. Snorkeling combines splendidly with an afternoon of sunbathing, beach jogging, and good, old-fashioned swimming.
  10. Utilize Prince Waikiki’s spacious fitness center, home to a treadmill, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, strength machines, and free weights. Availability is limited due to COVID-19.

Plan a Fitness Vacation at Award-Winning Prince Waikiki

Photo of 100 Sails Restaurant's Interior. Click Here for Ideas on How to Stay Fit on Vacation.It’s worth noting that eating healthily should go hand in hand with these 10 healthy recreational activities. Thankfully, 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar’s brand new menu covers every food group while simultaneously providing a wholesome experience complete with fresh island cuisines that won’t tip the scale in the wrong direction. Prince Waikiki recently rolled out two new packages: the eco-friendly Malama Hawaii Package and the three-night Suite Dreams escape. It’s hard to say “no” to a free third night in an upscale hotel, especially when it’s so close to the Ala Moana Center, Waikiki Beach, and Kakaʻako. Click the Book Now button to reserve a spot in Honolulu paradise.