Kayaking in Oahu: Sublime Oceanic Adventures

Exploring the island of Oahu’s seashore is equally awe-inspiring, surreal, and energizing, especially near Waimanalo, Waikiki, or Lanikai Beach. Styles of exploration range from underwater snorkeling to catamaran sailing and outrigger canoeing. But kayaking in Oahu is perhaps the truest aquatic escapade because it allows a solo traveler to exercise, survey, and relax at any given moment. Many of Prince Waikiki’s guests strut to nearby beaches to learn how to surf, paddleboard, or sail. But the ability to kayak lies inherently in every type of thrillseeker and nature enthusiast. Thus, it’s an activity of choice for many families.

Photo of a Woman Kayaking in Oahu, near Diamond Head.

The Best Kayak Tours in Oahu

Hourly kayak rentals dot the island’s many beaches. That being said, there’s something genuinely magical about joining a kayak tour en route to a particularly beautiful (and uninhabited) slice of Hawaiian paradise. Many local tour-based companies, such as Godspeed Adventures, Kailua Beach Adventures, and Twogood Kayaks, offer guided trips to various remote islands, canals, rivers, tidepools, and coastlines. Potential locations range from Kailua Bay (home to the “Twin Islands”) to the Chinaman’s Hat and Queen’s Bath. Self-guided trips, meanwhile, are less spendy and quite popular amongst couples and solo adventurers.

Rentals: Kayaking in Oahu Made Easy

Kayaking in Oahu, especially near Kailua Bay, has never been more accessible than it is today. However, sometimes a trip to the island’s eastern shore just isn’t in cards. That’s when a smooth, one-hour kayak rental on Waikiki Beach does the trick. Waikiki Shore Beach Service and KOA Beach Service (among many others) provide inexpensive hourly rentals. Otherwise, Hawaii Beach Time and Go Bananas Kayaks offer alternative delivery services just about anywhere on the island. For those aiming to venture into the Pacific without a guide, be wary of the island’s tides. Kayaking in Oahu is safest (and less strenuous) during low tide.

The Best Hotels in Hawaii

Photo of a Sunset Dinner at 100 Sails. Click Here to Learn about Kayaking in Oahu.Prince Waikiki is not only the top-rated lodging option in Honolulu (according to TripAdvisor), but it’s also one of the finest hotels in the entire state. After each memorable day of surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking in Oahu’s turquoise water, return to Prince’s VIP Club Lounge for cocktails before a sunset dinner at 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar. And don’t forget that on Friday evening, fireworks light up the night sky, high above Hinana Bar. The hotel itself boasts an array of lavish ocean-view accommodations, free shuttle services to several key landmarks, Waikiki golf discounts, and a worldly concierge team. Prospective guests can check availability online at any time or simply call 1-855-622-7558.