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How to Remain Cool in the Summer Heat

waikiki hiExperienced tourists know the unadorned truth: Oahu’s weather is the best on the planet. Waikiki HI sees daily highs in the 80s, over 300 days of sunshine in a calendar year, and refreshing ocean breezes. One of the principal reasons guests choose Prince Waikiki (and the island of Oahu) is the unwavering heat. The summer temperatures in Hawaii may resemble Miami, but the humidity here is considerably lower. Tourists visiting Waikiki HI, however, should always prepare for a sunny, sizzling summer vacation. Prince Waikiki has a copious amount of activities and amenities to keep you refreshed on a beautifully warm Oahu day.

Staying Cool at Prince Waikiki

Since most days are reasonably warm, tourists flock to Waikiki HI and Prince Waikiki’s lavish, saltwater infinity pool. Guests can dip their toes in the crisp, crystal-clear water while sipping on a thirst-quenching “Marina Sunset,” one of their mouthwatering signature cocktails from the poolside Hanana Bar. Rent an oceanfront or ocean-view cabana for maximal comfort. The cabanas include free bottled water, pizza, sunscreen lotion, and cocktails.

Board a free shuttle to Kahanamoku Beach or Waikiki Beach to bathe in the Pacific. Both beaches offer stunning ocean views, pristine white sand, excellent people-watching, brisk ocean winds, and invigorating marine blue waves. Waikiki HI beaches are superior because of Diamond Head State Monument to the southeast, striking architecture to the north, and the mammoth Pacific to the south. Free shuttles to Ala Moana Center, Hawaii’s largest shopping mall, also depart from Prince Waikiki. Stride through brisk, air-conditioned air while shopping Hawaii’s top brands.

How to Overcome the Heat

Staying hydrated, regardless of locale, is imperative on any tropical vacation. Guests at Prince Waikiki enjoy a chilled oshibori towel upon arrival as well as two bottles of water per day. Sunscreen lotion is a must in Hawaii as is knowing which brands aren’t harmful to our marine ecosystems. Purchasing and wearing breathable clothing in Hawaii is a must, meaning a trip to the Ala Moana Center may be in order. Ditch that t-shirt collection and wear cotton tank tops, it will make a world of difference—and make sure to apply sunscreen. A secret remedy to staying cool is running cold water on your wrists and feet for 10 seconds.

Arguably the best place to cool down on a hot Waikiki HI afternoon is in our luxurious, chilled accommodations. Take an icy shower, let the natural ocean breeze dry you off, and relax with Prince Waikiki’s signature room service. Try a refreshing Da Ala Mo-Jito and indulge in Waikiki’s best fresh sashimi. Staying cool in Hawaii is effortless at Prince Waikiki.

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