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The Holidays at Prince Waikiki

The holidays are just around the corner, and over the next few weeks, you’re sure to feel festive and cheerful, especially when you book a vacation getaway with Prince Waikiki! As one of the best resorts in Hawaii, Prince Waikiki, is here to help you enjoy the end of 2017 and allow you to ring in the New Year in paradise! Celebrate with us, and we’re sure your time here will be worth it all.

Holiday Cheer

Whether you choose to be here for the holiday season or you just happen to have booked your amazing Hawaii getaway during this time, we have something for everyone to celebrate the holiday festivities! This year, we implore you to join us for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Brunch and Dinner Buffets. Both of these meals will have opulent options full of delectable foods that everyone will love. Take a look at our Christmas Brunch Buffet Menu and our Christmas Dinner Buffet Menu; we’re sure you’ll be salivating once reading just how delicious our options for these meals and dishes will be!

Need to get out and explore during this season? Take a look at this wonderful Christmas event and dinner guide to Waikiki!

A New Year

Get ready to grab the champagne and toast the night away!  

Speak like a local; below we’ve laid out a quick pronunciation guide for Happy New Year in Hawaiian! And don’t forget to wish everyone a bright new beginning as we all celebrate the start of a brand new year.

Happy New Year = Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

Hau’oli — “how-oh-lee”

Makahiki —  “mah-kah-hee-kee”

Hou — “ho”

This season, give the gift of a winter getaway for your family or your loved one. No matter who you choose to accompany you, you’ll cherish every minute spent here at Prince Waikiki. Whether you want to relax poolside, take in the stunning ocean views, get in the spirit of the season, or you’re looking at celebrating a new year, we’ll make your stay at one of the best resorts in Hawaii, Prince Waikiki, unforgettable!

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