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Waikiki Beach Surfing Lessons

waikiki beach surfing lessonsMost people understand they’ll never ride the barrel of a massive wave and smack the lip, but learning to surf remains atop many people’s bucket lists. Waikiki Beach surfing lessons are perfect for beginners because our waves are usually relatively tame and the surrounding beauty is inspiring. Many tourists take surf lessons in Hawaii knowing fully well they’ll never try it again, but correctly standing atop a surfboard on a speedy wave is a genuine thrill. Prince Waikiki is a short beach-stroll from three of the best surf schools in Honolulu. Which one is the best? We’ll let you be the judge – here are our favorite Waikiki Beach surfing schools.

Ty Gurney Surf School

The Ty Gurney Surf School is so incredible that returning tourists take annual lessons with Gurney and his crew. Gurney’s staff is patient, instructive, and friendly. Many beginners successfully ride their very first wave within minutes. The professionally-trained staff records each attempt, quickly watches the footage, and provides pointers. Most tourists choose the two-hour Waikiki Beach surfing lessons because they offer double the waves for only a few dollars more.

Gone Surfing Hawaii

Gone Surfing Hawaii offers private one-on-one Waikiki Beach surfing lessons and semi-private two or three-person group sessions. Each two-hour lesson starts with 15 minutes of fundamental techniques on land before it’s time to brave the waves. You’ll spend less time on land and more time in the water. Many describe the experience as a workout because you’re guaranteed to ride multiple waves successfully.

Faith Surf School

It’s tough to beat Faith Surf School’s low prices and professional expertise. Faith Surf is a family-owned, growing business offering in-depth Honolulu surfing lessons at Waikiki Beach. A family of five only has to spend $325 for 80 minutes of surfing. You’ll be riding your first waves within minutes, regardless of your age. The caring and professional staff at Faith Surf teaches young kids about the importance of safety. Most beginners cannot believe how well they perform on their first runs – the team at Faith Surf is among the best!

Luxurious Hawaii Hotels

Play 18 holes at Hawaii Prince Golf Course, order the catch of the day at 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar, and soak in the luxurious infinity pool when you’re not challenging yourself with Waikiki Beach surfing lessons. Prince Waikiki overlooks the beautiful Ala Wai Boat Harbor and lush Magic Island. Visit to learn about what makes our slice of Hawaiian paradise so unique.

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