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Complimentary Cultural Activities at Prince Waikiki

Waikiki HawaiiLearn more about Waikiki Hawaii’s rich and diverse culture on your next visit to Honolulu by enrolling in one of our complimentary cultural activities. Whether you’re aiming to learn the art of hula dancing, unwind with Tai Chi, or explore the surrounding neighborhood with a brisk health walk, Prince Waikiki is delighted to share our traditions with each willing guest. Our lavish ocean-view hotel rests on the banks of the stunning Ala Wai Yacht Harbor on the most beautiful island in the world, placing us in the heart of Honolulu’s most diverse neighborhoods.

Early Morning Hula Lessons

Start your morning with a sunrise breakfast at the 100 Sails Restaurant followed by a hula lesson on the beautiful fifth floor Muliwai Deck. “Hula is the language of the heart, and therefore, the heart of the Hawaiian people,” said King Kalakaua, the penultimate monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Learn how to express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences through the physical art of Hawaiian dance. Customary mele from a local musician accompanies the hula lessons.

Tai Chi Lessons on the Beach

Our guests have the opportunity to practice Tai Chi on a sandy beach at sunrise near Prince Waikiki. This stress-relieving Chinese tradition is often labeled “meditation in motion.” You’ll also improve flexibility, balance, and circulation while learning the five essential Tai chi elements. Before alleviating your stress and anxiety with Tai Chi lessons, embark on an early-morning health walk through Waikiki Hawaii.

Sunrise Health Walk

Begin your Saturday with a one-hour health walk through the streets of Waikiki Hawaii as the sun rises above the colorful horizon. Meet new people, get to know the neighborhood, and learn about the rich culture while loosening up for the weekend ahead.

Traditional Pua Mau Loa

Before returning home, our guests are strongly encouraged to participate in a Hawaiian cultural tradition: Pua Mau Loa (“eternal flowers”). Gifts of nature such as flowers are returned to the ‘aina (“earth”), frequently nourished, and eventually grown back into natural flowers. Guests can bury their leis and flowers on the fifth floor Muliwai Deck every Friday in observance of this unique tradition.

Plan a Waikiki Hawaii Escape

Prince Waikiki is one of the premier hotels in the entire state of Hawaii because of our five-star island cuisine, lavish infinity pool, and luxurious oceanfront guest rooms. We also offer exclusive savings for kama’aina searching for a relaxing staycation in Honolulu. Click here for discounts on rates, dining, golf, rental cars, and much more!

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