A 2020–2021 Waikiki Wellness Challenge

The theme over the next 12 months will undoubtedly be urban wellness—or some variation of the idea. Stalled travelers have been compiling wellness challenge ideas over recent weeks in anticipation of an island rebirth, of sorts. And there’s no better place on earth to stay fit, both physically and mentally, than the paradisical island of Oahu, home to the award-winning Prince Waikiki.

Photo of a Man Jogging in Honolulu During a Self-Instructed Wellness Challenge.

The 20-Part Waikiki Wellness Challenge

In an effort to spread some much-needed love to the entire island, Prince Waikiki’s concierge team has graciously pieced together a 20-part Waikiki wellness challenge that touches on a healthy diet, exercise, mental health, and, yes, a small amount of island-style indulgence. If you’re curious about a potential family wellness challenge, please read about 10 safe, socially-distanced kids activities at or near the hotel.

  1. Go for a 30-minute, early-morning jog in Waikiki or along Ala Moana Beach.
  2. Stick to a nutritious diet. Thankfully, Hawaiian cuisines are equally healthy and delicious!
  3. Turn off the alarm. It’s a vacation, after all.
  4. Maintain a fitness regimen by utilizing Prince’s modern fitness room.
  5. Digital detox for 24 hours—no smartphone, no computer. It’s a social media sabbatical.
  6. Learn about the island’s engaging historical and cultural significance. It’s important to marvel at such things.
  7. Do something exhilarating, such as helicopter skydiving, swimming with sharks, or tree-top ziplining.
  8. Try beach yoga.
  9. Journal throughout the trip.
  10. Stay in touch with loved ones via a free app.
  11. Enjoy as many Ala Wai Harbor sunsets as possible.
  12. Savor a wholesome breakfast every morning.
  13. Create an Oahu bucket list and get to work.
  14. Laugh (a lot) at a local comedy club.
  15. Snorkel with colorful underwater critters (or try “nocturnal paddleboarding”).
  16. Learn a new sport, like Waikiki Beach surfing or catamaran sailing.
  17. Photograph the trip’s most memorable moments.
  18. Watch something that dazzles you, such as an authentic luau.
  19. Get just the right amount of caffeine at Prince’s Honolulu Coffee Company location.
  20. Relax poolside for several hours.

The Best Hotels in Honolulu: Prince Waikiki

Photo of a Woman Getting Her Temperate Check at Prince Waikiki. Try This Hawaiian Wellness Challenge!Hopefully, this fun, 20-part wellness challenge provides a “taste” of what the island has to offer throughout the year. Start and finish each day of relaxation, exploration, and indulgence at Prince Waikiki, a recent recipient of a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award. Check the Offers page often for ways to save on an upcoming getaway to Waikiki. The Prince team is currently curating a new, 2020-2021 wellness package that will certainly sweeten the deal. Prospective travelers are urged to book (and save) now and stay later when the timing is right. Please read the Prince Promise to learn more about how the hotel is ensuring guest safety, health, and comfort.