Plan a Well-Deserved Workcation at Prince Waikiki

Learning how to work remotely and travel simultaneously takes practice. The “art” of a workcation is championed by many, especially those who are resourceful, dedicated to their craft, and impervious to distractions. That being said, there are countless quiet, business-like spaces at Prince Waikiki and in Honolulu itself, as high-speed internet is not hard to come by on the island.

What Is a Workcation?

Photo of a Woman in a Prince Waikiki Oceanfront Suite during a Workcation.

So, what is a workcation, exactly? Well, in broad terms, it’s a vacation that involves work, at least in some capacity. Some workcations revolve around a business trip to a new destination. Some travelers simply get away and work remotely, far away from the stress of the office environment. Travelers can easily log a “normal” eight-hour shift then swiftly freshen up for an evening on one of the world’s most breathtaking isles. Many offices have gone entirely remote, meaning that employees are free to get paid to vacation at any time or during any season. It’s a perk that most workers didn’t realize even existed—until now!

Work: Quiet Spaces, High-Speed Internet

Photo of Prince Waikiki's Muliwai Deck, a Perfect Spot for a Workcation.As stated earlier, Prince Waikiki boasts a bevy of business-like work “stations” that are equally quiet and sleek. The exclusive Club Lounge is a common gathering place for businessmen and women, especially those used to a certain level of sophistication. Each guest room, meanwhile, features high-end furnishings, jet-fast Wi-Fi, and unobstructed Pacific Ocean views. Feel free to slip down to the Muliwai Deck (as pictured) for a non-alcoholic beverage, island-fresh edibles, and calming sea breezes during lunchtime. Private cabana rentals are also readily available. A few months back, the concierge team pieced together a helpful remote work guide, highlighting three unique off-site Wi-Fi havens. Don’t forget that Prince Waikiki also remains a premier “bleisure travel” destination for those visiting the island strictly for business.

Play: Beaches, Golf Courses, and More

After “closing up shop” for the day, make ample room for some well-deserved play, whether that’s 18 holes of golf, a beach picnic, or a waterfall adventure. And, of course, once the weekend arrives, the workcation truly reaches another level of euphoria. Nature enthusiasts, beach bums, thrill-seekers, and casual travelers alike will discover a new meaning to the word ecstasy. Click the links below to learn more about the island’s many pursuits.

Prince Waikiki is thrilled to announce our reopening on November 1, 2020, and we are excited to welcome our guest with our Prince Promise, a commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of our guests, employees, and community. Click the Book Now tab to start planning that next workcation to sunny Honolulu.