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Hawaiian Vacation Planning Tips
February 28 ,2022

The idea of “packing light” or “only taking the essentials” can be challenging when you’re preparing for your dream vacation. Luckily for you, we’re here to make your prep work as simple as possible. At the Prince Waikiki, we’re committed to making sure you have everything you need — and that commitment begins before you even arrive! With a bit of help from our Hawaiian vacation planning tips, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of your incredible island escape.
Here’s what you need to know before visiting Hawaii.

Hawaiian Weather

We could quickly sum up Hawaiian weather in one word — beautiful. But, it’s always important to consider the time of year you’re visiting us. The Islands of Aloha know only two seasons: summer and winter — also known as kau wela and kau anu. During the summer, you can expect average daytime temperatures of 85°, while in the winter, it’s typically 78°. Temperatures are usually 10° lower in the evenings. Needless to say, if you’re visiting in the winter, you shouldn’t expect to see any snow! Year-round, you should be packing for the tropics!

That said, we always suggest you pack clothing that is easy to layer. In addition, consider packing a light jacket or sweater for when the weather cools off at night or when you’re exploring the island. And don’t think rain can’t reach you in paradise! Packing a light rain jacket is always a good idea, but don’t worry — rain won’t disrupt your traveling plans. Even though November through March is considered our rainy season, you’ll find that these rainfalls are very localized due to many scientific and climate-specific reasons. Long story short: If it’s raining where you are, it’s almost always sunny just around the corner!


Exploring Hawaii

Aside from the everyday tropical packing items — sandals, sunhat, beachwear, sunscreen — you’ll want to pack with the experiences you’re seeking in mind. For example, Hawaii is the kind of place you’ll want to explore on foot to take everything in. This means you’ll want to bring a pair of comfortable footwear and a quick-dry shirt or two. Let’s take a brief moment to reiterate comfortable and add “worked-in” to our description of the footwear you’ll want to bring. Hawaii offers hundreds of hiking trails, many often leading to bodies of water like waterfalls or natural pools. The last thing you want is sore feet when you arrive at these stunning destinations!

But it’s not just the landscape you need to pack for, it’s the weather too! Due to volcanic mountains and elevations, Hawaii is known for its unique micro-environments. In a span of just a few miles, you can experience tropical rainforests, cool alpine regions, arid deserts, and sunny beaches. Sometimes, you may see all of these micro-environments within the same journey! Remember when we said to pack clothes that are easy to layer? Now you know why!

Exploring Honolulu

Sure, Oahu is a tropical paradise, but it’s also home to urban centers — including our very own Honolulu! Our island is affectionally nicknamed The Gathering Place, and that makes sense — it’s the most visited of all the Hawaiian Islands! That means you can expect to find a little bit of everything here — from nature to culinary discoveries, historical landmarks to shopping and nightlife.

For the days spent wandering through the city, consider bringing along a backpack that can hold anything you may need while on the go. Fill it with water, bug spray, sunscreen, snacks, a portable phone charger (because there’s no shortage of photo opportunities!), and a change of clothes – you never know what you may come across!


Everything You Need Right Here

Of course, no matter how many times you double-check, sometimes you forget to pack an essential. It happens! Luckily, even if you miss an important item or two, Prince Waikiki is conveniently located, so you’re not far from what you need. We even have shops in the lobby area.


For items that are too big to pack, you’ll also find plenty of rental opportunities here on Oahu. After all, a surfboard isn’t going to fit in your carry-on! But never fear, there are plenty of spots to rent gear for your favorite water sports. Surfboards, standup paddleboards, snorkeling gear, and more — we can share the best places to rent with you.


If golf is your game, pack your best tropical-themed golf attire and try your hand at the 280-acre Hawaii Prince Golf Club on the sunny Ewa Plain. But don’t worry about finding space for your clubs. Hawaii Prince Golf Club has rental clubs on hand for you to use. You can also pick up range balls for worry-free play.


Planning, Packing, Paradise

Noho me ka hau’oli – Be happy. When it comes to visiting Hawaii, there’s no wrong way to spend your vacation (but staying at Prince Waikiki sure feels right!). With our sweeping ocean views, relaxing Naio Bliss Spa, and convenient location, the Prince Waikiki is the perfect spot.

By now, you’re already dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation, and you have a better idea of what to bring along to paradise. All that’s left is to book your stay at Prince Waikiki. Learn more about our packages and accommodations here. We can’t wait to say “Aloha!” to you!

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