Beach Yoga in Waikiki: An Ethereal Experience

Photo of Five People Practicing Beach Yoga in WaikikiThe profound art of yoga has certainly evolved over the past 5,000 years, but, at its core, the same self-reflective, health-conscious principles still apply today. In 2020, civilians practice yoga just about everywhere, including inside studios, at home, on the lawn, and, yes, on vacation. In fact, a common gathering place for yogis here in sunny Honolulu is along the Pacific Ocean’s sandy edge, most notably, Waikiki Beach. Beach yoga in Waikiki has grown into one of the most desirable early-morning or late-evening activities for those staying at Prince Waikiki, the top-rated luxury hotel in Honolulu. Just in the case the hotel’s many delicacies of the sea, jaw-dropping ocean views, and seemingly countless complimentary on-site amenities don’t help relieve all work-related stress, Prince’s concierge team highly recommends a brief, albeit memorable, hour of meditation on nearby Waikiki Beach.

Vinyasa Beach Yoga in Waikiki

Depending on the individual, practicing beach yoga in Waikiki serves many purposes, including increasing flexibility, self-fulfillment, self-awareness, and spirituality. There’s arguably no better way to relieve stress and bolster physical fitness than to practice yoga, especially in a tropical destination, such as the heart-warming island of Oahu. A common practice here in Hawaii is the art of vinyasa, which is commonly described as the “arrangement of something in a special way” or the “stringing together of poses” in a free-flowing sequence. It’s important that the breathing flows flawlessly from one pose to the next—linking each breath to movement is essential, as seen in this helpful video by Yoga With Adriene.

Waikiki Beach Instruction

For those that have never practiced vinyasa, let alone tried beach yoga in Waikiki, feel free to reach out to Beach Sunset Yoga or Yoga Under the Palms. Both of these local, reputable companies offer instructive classes along the sandy shores of Pacific, many of which preside in the warm, soft sand on the eastern edge of Waikiki Beach. Each class is led by a highly-trained, well-traveled instructor who is effortlessly able to foster spirituality, self-reflection, self-compassion, and continued growth through a variety of flexibility-inducing poses.

Beach Sunset and Yoga Under the Palms operate within close proximity of Diamond Head State Monument, which adds an extra wow factor to each session. Instruction classes start at just $20 at both locations. Otherwise, guests are free and welcome to throw down a mat in the sand on either Waikiki or Kahanamoku Beach. Pro tip: Instead of searching for “beach yoga near me” this summer, simply bookmark this page for future reference.

The Best Hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii

Photo of Two Women in Prince's Infinity Pool. Earlier, They Practiced Beach Yoga in WaikikiAfter an early-morning rise, a quick run, and beach yoga in Waikiki, return to 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar for the best breakfast buffet on the island. This award-winning buffet features made-to-order omelets, nori, okayu, pork sausage, grilled fish, and so many more scrumptious delights. Spend each afternoon soaking inside Prince’s sumptuous infinity pool, observing art murals in Kaka’ako, and exploring the city on a Biki rental. To book a long-awaited escape to beautiful Honolulu, please call 1-855-622-7558 (or check availability online).