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Best Zipline near Honolulu, Hawaii
May 01 ,2020

Over the past several weeks, millions of Americans have begun to find alternative means of entertainment. Naturally, outdoor recreation has seen a massive boost in popularity as of late, mainly hiking, kayaking, and cycling. As life gradually returns to normalcy, the island of Oahu will regain its primacy as the country’s most desirable destination. And there’s little doubt that travelers will likely want to explore Oahu’s sprawling natural beauty in a variety of ways. Most guests at Prince Waikiki will flock to Honolulu’s pristine beaches, snorkeling hot spots, and Kaka’ako restaurants. But don’t overlook the allure of a zipline tour along the outer rim of this jaw-dropping isle. The best zipline near Honolulu is up for debate, but these three companies certainly stand out amongst the rest.

Locating a Zipline near Honolulu, Hawaii

Prince Waikiki’s worldly concierge team has a wealth of insider knowledge on the top-rated zipline near Honolulu, which, for all intents and purposes, is the North Shore’s CLIMB Works. However, a trip up to the North Shore may not be in the cards this summer. Therefore, it’s important to point out both Coral Crater and Jurassic Park, located in nearby Kapolei and Kaneohe, respectively.

CLIMB Works, Kahuku

The feeling one gains while blazing through the sky, high above towering banyans, Hitachis, and palms, is equally freeing and exhilarating. And there’s no better zipline near Honolulu than Kahuku’s CLIMB Works, which meanders atop Keana Farms. This three-hour guided tour includes eight lines, three sky bridges, an ATV ride, and local history lessons.

Coral Crater Adventure Park, Kapolei

It’s not uncommon for Prince Waikiki’s perceptive guests to remain close to the hotel during a long-awaited stay. Luckily, Coral Crater Adventure Park is a short drive from Ewa Beach’s awe-inspiring Hawaii Prince Golf Club. Combining 18 holes of championship golf with the Ultimate Adventure Package should be atop everyone’s itinerary this summer. The Adventure Package includes everything from ziplining to ATVing and artificial rock climbing.

Jurassic Valley Zipline, Kaneohe

Kualoa Ranch does it all. Every year, hundreds of thousands of thrillseekers mountain bike, ride horseback, kayak, and ATV through the world-famous Jurassic Valley. But, perhaps the best form of Jurassic exploration is via Kualoa Ranch’s treetop canopy tour. One zipline is nearly a quarter of a mile long! Kualoa Ranch’s tour is arguably the best zipline near Honolulu as the mountains in this enthralling region are truly spellbinding.

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