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What to Bring to Your Beach Getaway

Are you gearing up for the best Hawaiian beach vacation? So are we! And we’re here to help you, not only plan a day under the sun but to ensure you don’t forget any items you might need. Here in Waikiki HI, our Prince Waikiki resort is the perfect place to kick back your tired feet, relax, and call home during your getaway. Check out these items to bring with you to your fantastic beach retreat.


We know packing for your Hawaiian vacation might be difficult – how many swimsuits are you supposed to bring? We’re here to help! For beachwear, it’s essential you have these items that can easily transition from play time on the sand to walking around Waikiki HI and even lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Typically white or light-colored clothing works best for higher temp regions such as Hawaii. Fabrics featuring linen and cotton will also help keep you cool. As for swimwear, you can never have enough and the best part about coming to an island is that practically everywhere you turn you’ll find a surf shop!

With lots of accessories to bring like hats, sunglasses, and sandals, you’ll want some versatile clothing in your bag. Whether you mix and match your swimwear or bring all your suits, your suitcase will be full of incredible options.

Protect your Skin

When bringing items for your beach getaway, don’t forget to help protect your skin! When out an about under the Hawaiian sun, you’re going to want to have some protection for the most vital organ, your skin! Sunscreen and aloe vera or after-sun-care are other essential products you’ll want to have with you at the beach. Sunscreen helps battle the UVA and UVB rays you’ll be exposed to when under the warm Hawaiian sun! Plus, if your skin has been exposed to more sun than intended, aftercare lotions or gels like aloe vera can help sooth the painful sunburns so you can continue on your vacation!

How Close is Prince Waikiki to the Beach?

When planning for a beach getaway you might be wondering how close the resort is to the beach. While Prince Waikiki rests on the Marina side, you’ll find that it’s a short ten-minute walk to Ala Moana Beach Park!

No matter what you choose to bring for your wonderful beach getaway to Waikiki HI, you’re going to have a blast during your time here. Experience Prince Waikiki with your family loved ones, or on your own, and use our tips to help ensure you have the right clothing and keep your skin safe while outside!

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