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Club Experience: What to Expect

Step into the glitz and glam of our Club Suites, and you’ll be taken away into another world. From the time you hop aboard the elevator and hit the club level button, you’ll fly high to the top floors of the Prince Waikiki, one of the best Hawaii resorts. Don’t miss out on a Prince Waikiki Club trip when you vacation with us this winter season. Here are some magical reasons why our Club is something you’ll want to upgrade too.

Are You Looking for Ultimate Luxury?

When you enter any of our hotel rooms and suites you’re greeted with a warm ocean view, whether it’s of the harbor or the stunning sea, water surrounds one of the best Hawaii resorts, Prince Waikiki, and we use it to our advantage. When you book a Club Suite, you’ll get even more than a pretty view. Experience sweeping vistas of the ocean for miles with our windows. You may also experience the fresh, ocean breeze or wake up to the sound of the waves caressing the shoreline when you open the windows for your liking. Sweeping views of the ocean and floor to ceiling windows are amazing perks to receive, but you might be wondering how that makes Prince Waikiki an Ultimate Luxury choice among Hawaii resorts. When you move away from the unobstructed views, you’ll enjoy the modern features and style as well as the personalized services you can only get here in our Club Rooms.

Personalized services

Our Club Rooms include something that the rest of the resort doesn’t have access to the Club facilities. Guests here have private access to the Club Lounge which is only for those staying on the highest floors of the resort. This spectacular and signature experience are what sets our Club Rooms apart from the rest of the resort features. With a private lounge, concierge service, and even a delectable culinary experience you’ll love every minute there. Experience complimentary breakfast in the morning and afternoon snacks to tide you over until dinner. You may also indulge in delicious hors-d’oeuvres and beverages in the Club Lounge.

You’ll love our Prince Waikiki Club Rooms, where exclusivity is a must and comfort and relaxation become an added benefit to your trip. As one of the top Hawaii resorts in Honolulu, you’ll enjoy your time near the beach, spending days exploring the island of Oahu, and getting to see all-inclusive features that come when you book a Club Room!

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