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Embracing Earth Day at Prince Waikiki: Eco-Friendly Adventures and Initiatives in O‘ahu
April 15 ,2024

As we get ready for Earth Day on April 22nd, it’s the perfect time to appreciate the incredible wonders of our planet and embrace the spirit of mālama. This Hawaiian term, meaning “to take care of,” embodies our dedication to the lands, culture, and people of our islands.


At Prince Waikiki, we are passionate advocates for sustainability and recognize our shared responsibility to protect the beauty of Hawaii. That’s why we’re proud to have received the prestigious Hawaii Green Business Award, recognizing our commitment to sustainable tourism. So, if you’re on vacation in Hawaii, get ready to make a positive impact! Explore our list of seven eco-friendly adventures and activities you can do right here in O’ahu.

  1. Reconnect with Nature


Best hikes in Oahu


O’ahu is a true dream for nature lovers, with its lush rainforests and picture-perfect beaches. Take this opportunity to reconnect with nature by exploring the island’s awe-inspiring landscapes. Hike through scenic trails, kayak along crystal-clear waters, or simply soak up the sun at the beach. Let the beauty of nature envelop you, reminding you of the importance of preserving these extraordinary destinations.


  1. Explore Eco-Tourism in Oʻahu


Woman standing under large banyan tree in Oahu


Eco-tourism is an exciting and growing trend that aligns with the principles of minimizing environmental impact and respecting local culture. And where better to embrace this movement than in beautiful Hawaii? While you soak up the sun and enjoy all that this paradise has to offer, why not seize the opportunity to give back to the community and engage in sustainable practices? It’s a win-win!


Whether volunteering at Loko Ea Fishpond to learn about Hawaiian traditions and conservation or participating in the Mālama Experience at Kualoa Ranch to engage in sustainable farming, these experiences offer a glimpse into Oʻahu’s captivating beauty and cultural heritage, but also contribute to its preservation.


  1. Embrace Sustainable Practices



Earth Day — or any day — is the perfect time to start incorporating sustainable habits into your daily routine. One way is to support local farmers’ markets, where you can enjoy fresh, locally sourced produce while supporting local businesses. Additionally, you can opt for eco-friendly transportation, such as biking — Prince Waikiki conveniently hosts a 14-dock Biki station, available to our guests year-round. And if biking isn’t your thing, no worries! Another great option is to embrace public transportation. By hopping on a bus or train, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the convenience of getting around town. It’s a fantastic way to travel sustainably and have a stress-free journey!


  1. Experience Eco-Conscious Dining


An array of locally sourced produce from swiss chard, hearts of palm, micro greens, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, bananas, radish and mixed greens.


Hawaii’s culinary scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, and what better way to immerse yourself in the culinary scene than by supporting eco-conscious restaurants? At Prince Waikiki’s 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar and Hinana Bar, we wholeheartedly embrace sustainability by prioritizing fresh island cuisine sourced directly from local small farms.


Guests at our signature restaurants and bars will enjoy a diverse array of locally caught fish and produce, complemented by salads, citrus fruits, and herbs grown in our rooftop urban aquaponics garden. That’s right! We have created a closed-loop agricultural system that allows us to grow our own ingredients right here at Prince Waikiki.  That means the salads and herbs on your plate are as fresh as can be, straight from our garden to your table.


  1. Engage in Community Events


Sunset Beach in Hawaii Islands, Oahu, Hawaii, USA


Earth Day is a time for all of us to come together and make a difference. On O’ahu, there are fantastic opportunities to get involved in local conservation efforts. From beach clean-ups with the team at Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to tree plantings organized by Hawaiian Legacy Tours, there are so many exciting events to take part in! 


  1. Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodations



When it comes to accommodations, choose a hotel that follows eco-friendly practices. And if you’re looking to find the perfect, eco-conscious place to stay, look no further than Prince Waikiki. Our commitment to sustainability sets us apart from the rest, and we’re proud to lead the way in eco-friendly practices.


Last year, we took significant strides to combat plastic waste. By switching to refillable canisters for toiletries in our guest rooms, we were able to eliminate over 240,000 plastic bottles annually. We also made the switch from plastic water bottles to reusable aluminum ones, preventing nearly 300,000 bottles from ending up in landfills and oceans each year. Additionally, our culinary team runs a zero-waste kitchen, ensuring that no food goes to waste. We donate approximately 1,000 pounds of food waste every month to a local piggery, and we distribute 900 pounds of untouched produce to Aloha Harvest for those in need.


  1. Engage with Local Art and Culture



Earth Day is not only a time to reflect on environmental issues but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in Hawaii’s rich art and culture. At Prince Waikiki, not only will you experience luxurious accommodations, but you’ll also have exclusive complimentary access to the Honolulu Museum of Art. Here, you can explore the diverse arts of the islands and attend events hosted by the museum to delve deeper into the local art scene and gain a better understanding of Hawaiian culture.


But that’s not all! Prince Waikiki is proud to present the Art Redefined series, running from Earth Day through July. This incredible series will feature collaborations with talented artists, including local natural dye artist Kristin Baucom of okbet. She will showcase awe-inspiring artworks made from repurposed materials, highlighting the fusion of creativity and sustainability.


Embrace the Spirit of Earth Day, Every Day


A rainbow over Honolulu


When you stay at Prince Waikiki, you can rest assured that your Hawaii vacation is eco-friendly, thanks to our commitment to a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. Prince Waikiki’s ongoing efforts are helping to preserve Hawaii’s delicate ecosystem, ensuring it continues to thrive for generations to come. Learn more about the Prince Green Initiative


Start planning your eco-friendly vacation today by exploring our packages, offers, and promotions.  

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