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The Best Street Art Murals from the Annual Pow! Wow! Hawaii

hawaii resortsEvery February, the up-and-coming, artistic community of Kaka’ako swiftly transforms thanks to dozens of street muralists from across the globe. The annual Pow! Wow! Hawaii remains one of the largest street art festivals in the world. And once the dust has settled, travelers gravitate to this colorful Honolulu neighborhood to observe, interpret, and photograph a wide variety of murals ranging in color, style, and message. Artistic expression is a large part of our culture here on Oahu, which is why you’ll also discover beautiful artworks from Kaili Chun and several other local artists inside Prince Waikiki, one of the only luxury Hawaii resorts within 1.5 miles of Kaka’ako. We highly recommend embarking on a day-trip to nearby Kaka’ako to observe this year’s best murals, and browse through SALT, an 85,000-square-foot shopping, dining, and arts center.

The Top 8 Street Art Murals

Over 84 world-class artists took center stage along the streets of Kaka’ako this February to put their stamp on this expressive, creative community, located within two miles of the top-rated Hawaii resorts. We’ve compiled eight of our favorite street art murals from this year’s Pow! Wow! Hawaii – part of the fun will be “hunting” down these jaw-dropping creations.

  1. Golden Future? by Shepard Fairey – Fairey is best known for the red, white, and blue “Hope” poster that he created for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. His latest work in Kaka’ako attacks global warming and preaches environmental preservation.
  2. Katch1 – Katch1, a local tattoo artist and muralist from Pearl City, subtly transformed his 2016 mural into a 3D work of art. The end result is simply stunning (as was the original).
  3. Mayonaize, Vincent Zepha, and Kaplan – This Koula Street mural, which took six days to finish, appears to be moving thanks to the vision of these three world-class street artists.
  4. Logan Hicks – Hicks, a New Yorker, utilized a small, previously unused wall along Cooke Street at the BikeFactory. His signature earth tones and vivid plantlife is on full display here.
  5. How and Nosm – One of the tallest street art murals this year comes from identical twin brothers based in New York City. You can find the Perré twins’ dazzling mural at the Six Eighty apartment complex.
  6. Caratoes and APEXER – Two graffiti artists created a thought-provoking, meticulously-detailed masterpiece featuring a harrowing female subject behind the ALU LIKE building.
  7. Ikura by Lauren YS and OneqIkura, a collaboration between two world-renowned female artists, is reminiscent of Japanese anime. The complexity and creativity of the piece are already gripping vacationers from all corners of the world.
  8. Coral Jam by Rumtum and Brandon LaPlante – Two ultra-talented artists collaborated to create this bright and colorful mural.

Best Hawaii Resorts near Waikiki Beach

hawaii resortsAfter a full day of absorbing street art, authentic Hawaiian cuisine, and eclectic shopping, retreat to our luxury Honolulu hotel for a soak in the lavish infinity pool, fine dining at 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar, and a jaw-dropping sunset in Prince Waikiki Club. Prince Waikiki remains one of the only upscale Hawaii resorts within minutes of Kaka’ako, the Ala Moana Center, and Waikiki Beach. Our first-class concierge can help arrange trips to Kaka’ako, Hawaii Prince Golf Club, Pearl Harbor, the best waterfalls in Oahu, and several dozen more landmarks. To book an unforgettable escape to Waikiki, Hawaii, please give us a call today at 1-855-622-7558, or browse through our Honolulu lodging specials.

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