Indulge in Hawaii’s Idyllic Weather Year-RoundA picture of woman in a pool enjoying Hawaii's weather

Unlike nearly every other region of the United States, Hawaii’s weather situation remains relatively consistent year-round. Guests rarely, if ever, experience a “cold season” during a getaway to Prince Waikiki. While most of the East Coast and California hunker down for winter or chilly spells, those at Prince Waikiki’s upscale Honolulu hotel can bask in the beauty of an idyllic tropical paradise. 

How Does Hawaii Weather Work?

The Hawaiian Islands have always benefited from having consistent temperatures year-round. Even during the wetter season (November through March), the rain doesn’t tend to upset Hawaii hotel getaways because the weather is localized. If it’s raining in one place, there’s sure to be sunlight found elsewhere along the coast. High-pressure zones in the North Pacific are the main reason behind shifts in Hawaii’s weather patterns, producing cool and moist trade winds. These high-pressure zones and trade winds mean that it never gets too overwhelming hot at Prince Waikiki’s Oahu hotel either. For a more in-depth overview of how Hawaii’s weather varies according to location, check out this local guide.   

Warm Weather at the Best Honolulu Hotel Awaits

A picture of a room at Prince Waikiki.

With traveler safety and comfort at the top of Prince’s Waikiki’s priorities, guests can expect an unforgettable getaway year-round, basking in beautiful tropical Hawaii weather and indulging in on-site and off-site attractions. Prince Waikiki’s Honolulu hotel suites feature charming accommodations, including one and two-bedroom oceanfront suites with spacious living areas—perfect for families, a girls’ getaway, or an indulgence for discerning travelers. You’ll also have plenty of decadent dining and drinks options and several spectacular amenities. For instance, every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, SunSets LIVE features the best in local entertainment poolside at Hinana Bar. Plus, Prince Waikiki features a handful of fantastic Hawaii hotel deals, like the Step Into Spring offer.

Interested parties may send inquiries via email at [email protected] or speak to Prince Waikiki’s guest services at 855.622.7558 to learn more about special packages and availability.