Horseback Riding in Oahu: An Adventurous Delight

Photo of the Three Horses. Horseback Riding in Oahu Is an Experience Unlike Anything Else.The island of Oahu is beloved for its rousing nightlife, pristine beaches, and absorbing history, especially in and near the city of Honolulu. However, the island’s vast forestry is a dazzling spectacle in and of itself with its thriving wildlife, lush greenery, and dramatic coastal views. Travelers typically explore the island on foot via self-guided hike or backpack excursion. That being said, horseback riding in Oahu has evolved into the expedition of choice for many couples and families, especially for those with a penchant for guided adventure.

Saddle Up and Tour the Land: Horseback Riding in Oahu

Prince Waikiki, the top-rated hotel in Honolulu, has a team of friendly, talented concierges that can arrange a hassle-free horseback tour at a nearby ranch. A handful of ranches on the island provide daily tours, including the ever-popular Kualoa Ranch in Kaneohe. Instead of searching for “horseback riding near Honolulu” this spring, simply bookmark this handy article or give the team a call at 1-808-944-4423.

Photo of the Mountains While Horseback Riding in OahuKualoa Ranch

Take an awe-inspiring trip through one of Oahu’s most-prized hidden valleys: Kualoa, a 4,000-acre nature reserve near the island’s eastern edge. Several popular films were shot on this land, including Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, and Windtalkers. Choose between a one and two-hour horseback journey into the heart of the picturesque Ka’a’awa Valley. The ranch also arranges shuttles to and from many of the best hotels in Honolulu, including Prince Waikiki.

Happy Trails

Happy Trails recently earned a spot in TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame due to this outfit’s continued excellence. The ranch is located along the North Shore near many popular attractions, such as Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and Shark’s Cove. These tours gallop through the countryside on a sprawling hilltop that overlooks both the azure blue Pacific Ocean and towering Waianae mountains.

Hawaii Polo Trail Rides

Yes, Hawaii Polo Trail Rides provides world-class polo lessons. But most travelers are drawn to Hawaii Polo’s sunset beach ride during the heartwarming “golden hours” of dusk. Beach horseback riding in Oahu has never been more accessible to travelers than it is today, thanks to companies like Hawaii Polo. A lot of families often spot sea turtles, migrating whales, and adorable Hawaiian monk seals during these seaside excursions.

Gunstock Ranch

Gunstock Ranch is the only camp on the island to provide 100 percent eco-friendly services. The 90-minute scenic horseback tour is Gunstock’s most popular ride, mainly because it meanders through dense forestry and open pastures en route to some of the most spellbinding Pacific Ocean vantage points. Thus, some of the best horseback riding in Oahu takes place on this sprawling acreage.

Luxurious Waikiki Hotels

After a full day of surfing, sunbathing, and horseback riding in Oahu’s most beloved destinations, return to Prince Waikiki for an evening of indulgence, sophistication, and relaxation. Upon return, savor gourmet cuisine at 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar, sip on cocktails inside a poolside cabana, and bask under the stars in the VIP Club Lounge. A dream-like escape to sunny Honolulu is just a phone call away. Please give Prince’s worldly team a call today at 1-855-622-7558.