Luxury Hotels in Honolulu: Best Tours near Prince Waikiki

As we rapidly approach the unofficial start of summer (Memorial Day weekend), thousands of families begin to cement their summertime getaway plans to Oahu, Hawaii’s most beautiful island. Prince Waikiki, one of the top-rated luxury hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii, rests perfectly in-between lively Kaka’ako and sandy Waikiki Beach.

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Plan a Lavish Prince Waikiki Wedding

Now that you’ve blissfully said “yes,” it’s time to start planning one of the most important days of life: your wedding day. Your tireless search for a world-class ceremony, reception, and honeymoon combination inevitably led you to oceanfront Prince Waikiki, easily the area’s best Waikiki wedding locale. Prince Waikiki provides couples with first-rate wedding services, wall-to-wall luxury, gourmet catering, and endless Hawaiian charm.

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Best Entrees in Waikiki, HI

The gorgeous city of Honolulu has a diverse food scene with unique flavors from across the Seven Seas. Our slice of paradise is best known for our classic Hawaiian fare and inventive Japanese cuisine. The culinary team at Prince Waikiki genuinely understands that our guests arrive with hopes of tasting the best local cuisine Hawaii has to offer.

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Museums in Honolulu: A Self-Guided WWII History Tour

We’re approaching the 77th anniversary of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, which immediately sparked the United States’ involvement in World War II (WWII). Some moments instantly change the course of history, and the attack on Pearl Harbor is one of them. Thousands of people visit Pearl Harbor each year to pay tribute, absorb history, and witness the remains of that fateful day.

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Plan a Visit to SALT At Our Kaka’ako

The vibrant Honolulu neighborhood of Kaka’ako has become a must-visit destination thanks to its growing art scene, creative restaurants, and lively nightlife. By merely taking a stroll down Ala Moana Boulevard, you’ll notice the street art murals and an array of dining options around every corner immediately. This trend-setting neighborhood prides itself on being unique and artistic.

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