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The Best Waterfalls in Oahu
September 17 ,2018

Tourists from across the globe visit the island of Oahu to explore 600 square miles of awe-inspiring natural beauty. Many of those outdoor enthusiasts explore a number of our prized waterfalls, scattered throughout the vast Hawaiian wilderness. Prince Waikiki may rest on a stunning sunset harbor on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, but it’s also minutes away from the most beautiful waterfalls in Oahu. Consult our caring and knowledgeable Waikiki HI luxury hotel concierge to plan stress-free visits to these three waterfalls..

Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is arguably the most popular waterfall in Oahu because it’s only five miles northeast of lively Waikiki HI. The serene, effortless 1.5-mile out-and-back hiking trail is predominantly a flat walking path. The 20-minute Manoa Valley nature hike is equally as beautiful as the falls because of the lush Hawaiian hillside and colorful flowers. The waterfall itself drops 150 feet into a small pool. The best season to visit is the during the Hawaiian “winter” or following a fresh rainfall.

Maunawili Falls

If you’re feeling extra adventurous on your visit to Waikiki HI, embark on a three-mile journey into the Waimānalo Forest Reserve. Maunawili Falls is a secluded 20-foot waterfall near the genuinely breathtaking Ko’olau Mountains. The trailhead begins in the Maunawili residential area in northern Honolulu, 13 miles from Prince Waikiki. Many locals leap off the ten-foot-tall rockface into the swimming hole near the base of the waterfall.

Likeke Falls

The beautiful hike to Likeke Falls, depending on how much time you spend snapping photos and admiring the Ko’olau Mountains, should only take 20-25 minutes. Likeke Falls is one of the least frequented waterfalls in Oahu, but it’s definitely worth the drive, especially if you’re already planning on visiting Maunawili Falls. The short hike is highlighted by mountain vistas, valley overlooks, and lush flora.

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