Plan a Wellness Retreat to Hawaii

Photo of a Woman Relaxing in a Prince Suite During a Wellness Retreat to Hawaii.There’s never been a more pertinent time to plan a long-overdue wellness retreat to Hawaii’s largest isle, Oahu, home to picturesque and historic Honolulu. Prince Waikiki remains an idyllic oceanfront haven for those in need of luxury, privacy, and refuge, especially during one of the country’s most arduous periods. From time to time, everyone needs to unplug from technology, destress amid a naturally beautiful landscape, and recharge with loved ones. And a wellness retreat to Hawaii’s beautiful shoreline, particularly near Waikiki Beach, is just what the doctor ordered.


The three keys to a wellness retreat in Hawaii are, in no particular order, physical activity, psychological restoration, and a nutritional reset. Typically, there’s also an element of spirituality, as meditation plays a massive role for many travelers. Common mid-day recreational activities that go hand in hand with a wellness-focused retreat include beach yoga, tropical forest hikes, and oceanic adventures, such as self-guided snorkeling or surfing lessons. Prince Waikiki is perfectly located between Waikiki Beach and Ala Moana Beach (as well as the state’s largest boat harbor), so the aquatic possibilities are practically endless.


Unplugging from daily life’s stresses and responsibilities isn’t easy. Leaving work in the rearview mirror for a full week takes years of practice. However, on Oahu, the awe-inspiring natural beauty, combined with the various amenities and experiences provided at Prince Waikiki, makes it effortless to arrange one’s priorities. And priority number one on a wellness retreat to Hawaii is physiological wellbeing. With miles upon miles of access to world-renowned beaches, an opulent seaside infinity pool, and an exclusive Club Lounge, Prince’s guests can naturally slow down, relax, and unwind within a matter of minutes upon arrival. Because the hotel rests along the edge of the Ala Wai Harbor, a catamaran sail might be the best way to unwind on a particularly sunny afternoon. Start each day with an on-site massage at Naio Bliss—the perfect way to renew, refresh, and restore before exploring the isle.

Photo of a Gourmet Dinner at 100 Sails During a Wellness Retreat to Hawaii.Healthy Cuisines

When combined with proper exercise, meditation, and relaxation, a balanced diet plays an integral role in any type of wellness retreat to Hawaii. Luckily, Prince Waikiki boasts two unique restaurants: 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar and Katsumidori Sushi Tokyo. Each top-ranked restaurant offers a diverse array of delicacies, ranging from the iconic Dragon Roll to fresh-caught seafood and a green papaya salad. Patrons can gleefully indulge in a bevy of fresh island cuisines and contemporary creations, fused with local Hawaiian flair. 

An Idyllic Wellness Retreat to Hawaii

As Prince Waikiki inches closer to reopening, the hotel is preparing an avid wellness package that promotes relaxation, self-improvement, creative discovery, and fun in the sun. Seasons are irrelevant here on Oahu—the sea is always refreshing, the forestry is always lush, the sand is always warm, and the landscape is always beautiful. Start and finish each day in paradise inside one of Prince’s jaw-dropping ocean-view suites, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows. As one of the best hotels in Hawaii, according to TripAdvisor, the hotel is expecting a large number of wellness-focused travelers this fall and winter, so remember to book directly now to save up to 30 percent off.