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  • Two couples on the Vita Mia Yacht enjoying the ocean views in Honolulu, Hawaii.
5 Reasons a Honolulu Vacation Should Be on Your Resolution List
December 22 ,2023

The start of a new year often stirs the desire for change, from wanting to try new adventures to being part of an out-of-the-ordinary experience or going to a destination on your travel bucket list. Instead of checking each of these resolutions off one by one (or even trying to figure out the best ways to achieve them), why not combine all of your good intentions with a Hawaiian escape?

Here are just a few reasons why a Honolulu vacation — especially at the celebrated Prince Waikiki — should be at the top of your New Year’s resolution list! 

1. It’s Always Sunny in Honolulu


Honolulu is renowned for its fantastic year-round weather, with the sun continually shining its golden rays upon gorgeous beaches and lush landscapes. Picture waking up each morning to yet another beautiful day that can’t help but encourage you to explore the island’s treasures. 


Be it January or July, Honolulu’s temperate climate is a constant invitation for embarking on a new outdoor adventure or simply basking in beachside relaxation. Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to perpetual sunshine!


2. Spectacular Scenery Everywhere



In addition to a cityscape filled with historical landmarks and modern architecture, the combination of Honolulu’s brilliant turquoise waters, powder-white sands, and the forested Diamond Head volcanic crater gracing the horizon offers a visual feast for the eyes — no matter how many times you look at it! 


Best of all, a stay at Prince Waikiki guarantees you’ll always have stunning panoramic views to gaze upon, since it’s Waikiki’s only oceanfront hotel featuring all ocean view and oceanfront rooms and suites, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Looking for more scenic inspiration as you plan your Hawaiian holiday? Be sure to read our blog Embark on a Scenic Drive around O‘ahu: 20 Essential Stops.



3. A Welcoming Surfing Culture


A woman holding a surfboard and paddle board overlooking Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head views in Honolulu, Hawaii.

If your New Year’s resolutions include finding a new adrenalin rush or having a deeper connection with the ocean, then Honolulu is the place for you! The legendary waves here beckon both professional surfers and novices eager to learn. 


Catching a wave under the Hawaiian sun is not only a sport, but also an immersion into the island’s culture. With Prince Waikiki located just minutes away from some of the best surf breaks, you’re perfectly positioned to ride the waves and experience the thrill of surfing in Hawaii.

4. The Spirit of Aloha


Iolani Palace at night in Honolulu


Honolulu is steeped in a rich tapestry of culture, deeply rooted in the traditions of the Hawaiian people. Embrace the aloha spirit as you explore ancient Hawaiian sites, witness mesmerizing hula performances, and partake in traditional ceremonies — whether it’s going to a lū‘au (a Hawaiian feast accompanied by musical performances) or greeting someone with a honi ihu (touching of noses).

Famed local sites like Iolani Palace, Honolulu Museum of Art, and Bishop Museum offer a glimpse into the history and heritage of the islands, while showcasing the fusion of cultures that make Hawaii unique. Here at Prince Waikiki, we take pride in ensuring the essence of Hawaiian hospitality and culture is woven throughout your stay with us.


5. Swaying Palms & Swinging Clubs


A woman plays golf at Hawaii Prince Golf Club in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Far more than just sun and surf, Honolulu is a golfer’s paradise. With fairways and greens that always seem just a little greener — especially when set against stunning ocean-blue backdrops — golfing here is a genuinely fantastic experience, offering spectacular views and challenging shots for players for all levels.

When you stay at Prince Waikiki, you’re only a short drive away from some of the most beautiful courses in the world, including our very own Hawaii Prince Golf Club. Learn more about golfing in paradise from our blog “Fore” Must-Play Golf Courses in Honolulu.

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So, as you pen down your resolutions for the coming year, consider making Honolulu and Prince Waikiki your ultimate destination. It’s the promise of an unforgettable journey where island-inspired indulgences, elevated experiences, and exceptional personalized service meet the community aloha spirit of Hawaii. Book your stay today.

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